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Nanny Tip of the Week! Creative notes :)

Nanny Tip of the Week! Creative notes 🙂

Nanny Tip of the Week! Back to School means it’s time to pack snacks and lunches again. It’s a great time to get all of the children involved during or after breakfast. Set out five different healthy snacks and let them choose their top two or three. Write a sweet note with something positive such as, “Have fun learning with your friends!” and add it to the snack pack. The children will look forward to it, and it’s a great way for them to practice reading. If you have a teenager, substitute a note with a text message during lunch time that says, “You’re awesome!” It doesn’t require a reply and it will make them smile.

Nanny Tip of the Week! Back to School skills.

Nanny Tip of the Week! Back to School skills.

Nanny Tip of the Week! It’s Back-to-School time, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to show off your organizational skills. Sew in labels to the children’s clothing, color code events in the family calendar, offer to go get the mini van washed, create “sport sacs” for each child with all of their necessary clothing and equipment, label the pantry and stock up on snack foods and fruits from the farmer’s market. Make sure your cell phone is updated with all the necessary contact numbers and play date information. If you really want to make an impression, as a thank you to the parents for taking you on vacation this summer or for paying you the weeks you had off while they were out of town, offer them a complimentary date night in August 🙂

Nanny Tip of the Week! Incorporate your talents!

Find ways to incorporate your talents into your daily job more often. If you are great at organizing, take a peek in the children’s closets or drawers and straighten up. If you love to bake, make it a special cupcake afternoon. Are you an artist? Stage a painting class. Play an instrument? Bring it with you and have some silly music time. Use your talents, teach the children and have fun! Calling all professional nannies! We need YOU for amazing families throughout Los Angeles and Orange County!

Being of Service

The founder of Educated Nannies got married and spent a week with her husband honeymooning in the Riviera Maya! During this beautiful, relaxing vacation, they took time to visit a Mayan village and volunteer. The people of the Mayan community are so skilled and filled with joy. Life is very simple here compared to Los Angeles. The children sleep on dirt floors on towels and in hammocks. There aren’t any educational materials or computers, and very few books. It was an eye opening experience and one that will leave an everlasting impression in Ryan’s heart.

We ask you to please find a way to give back to someone in need this week. Make a financial contribution, donate your time, volunteer at a local charity, or even just give someone a hug. Every little bit counts! Thank you.



Nanny Tip of the Week! Positivity and patience win the race.

Nanny Tip of the Week! Positivity and patience win the race.

Stay positive and be patient! There may be a job that you interview for that you really, really want, but you don’t end up getting. Guess what? You are still an amazing nanny! Keep your chin up and keep being you. Soon enough you will be placed with a great family where everything is a match 

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As one of the premier nanny referral agencies in greater Los Angeles and as parents ourselves, the safety and happiness of children is always our priority. On this nanny blog, we further our commitment to strengthening families by sharing resources and nanny articles we hope you’ll find helpful. We will also let you know when we’re having upcoming events, because we’d love to see you! Thanks for reading!

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