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Top Tips for Traveling with Your Nanny!

Top Tips for Traveling with Your Nanny!

Spring Break is approaching and so are plans for getting away with your family! Are you considering asking your nanny to join you on your family vacation? Bringing your nanny along on your family vacation can take some of the weight off when traveling with children and provide you with an extra set of hands when it’s needed the most! Here are some of our top tips for traveling with your nanny!

Have a Plan

Make a plan before you speak to your nanny so you can answer any questions that may come up.  Brainstorm what a travel schedule and activities will look like. If they will be needed every day, have off days or time to explore on their own, or if they will be on call during the entire trip. Consider if your nanny will have their own private accommodations during your vacation, or if you will need them to stay in the same room as your children. Does your nanny have any dietary restrictions and are you traveling to a place that may not have the best options? Does your nanny ever get altitude sickness? Can they drive in the snow? It’s best to talk things through and set everyone up for success.

Pay and Schedule

Vacations are often unpredictable, but having an idea of what your nanny’s schedule will be can help your nanny decide if they are open to traveling with your family. Remember that all travel expenses, including lodging, flights, time traveling in a car, all meals during the trip, and overnight fees are required! All of the activities you do with your family and nanny are also covered. If you know that you and your family will be traveling at some point and want your nanny to assist you, include traveling in your initial job offer and contract so there are never any surprises!


Consider the times you will need your nanny and the times you want to be with your family alone to give them time to explore, rest, and recharge during your vacation. If your nanny is in charge of overnights, keep in mind they will need to be paid for this and may need some time off at other times of the day to recharge. Even if it is a vacation for you, it is a lot of work for your nanny and they may need time to catch their breath just as much as you may need quality time with your family! If your nanny works 7 days in a row, give them a day or two off when they return home.

Ask Your Nanny!

Ask your nanny what their ideal trip looks like. Are they open to staying in a room with the children? Would they like time off to explore the area by themselves or would they prefer to tag along with your family? What are they most excited about? What fears do they have? What type of cell phone carrier do they have and will they be able to call loved ones if this trip is a long one so they don’t get homesick? Open communication between your family and your nanny will set you up for success in traveling!

Set Expectations

If you will need your nanny to help with travel plans, packing, planning activities, and preparing for the trip, let them know ahead of time. Make lists together of necessities so your nanny can plan to have everything your family could possibly need on hand, efficiently packed, and tucked on a plane (or in a car) with your family. Don’t forget the sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and PATIENCE!

We hope you use these tips to have the most incredibly organized vacation of your life with your nanny by your side!

Performance Reviews with Your Nanny!

Have you ever wondered how to create a performance review with your nanny? They are professionals and deserve to have feedback. Touching base with your nanny is so important for a successful journey. Start your open and honest communication with your nanny today! Keep a running list of areas you’d like to discuss with your nanny and set aside time for you and your nanny to meet privately to focus on the conversation instead of the children surrounding you. Continue reading for our top tips for creating a simple, successful performance review!


Having a set time for your performance review and the same expectations between you and your nanny will set you up for success! Better yet, include performance reviews and dates for them in your contract so there’s never a surprise! We recommend reviews at 2 weeks, 90 days, 6 months, and 1 year.


Don’t be afraid to ask your nanny questions or let your nanny communicate questions or concerns to you, as well. Open communication creates a safe space for the employer and employee to stay on the same page! Most issues are solved with some good old communication in person. Set the right tone!


Performance reviews aren’t just about how your nanny can improve. Take this time to share with them all the great things they do, the peace they bring to your life, and the love and care they bring to your children.


What are your goals as an employer? What goals does your nanny want to focus on? What does your family as a whole hope to work on? Keeping a list of goals to achieve as a unit will give you and your nanny something to strive for.


Ask for support where needed and be willing to offer support where your nanny needs it. Did they just finish going on an 8-day vacation with your family? Give them the day off!


Performance reviews are a great time to review what goals have been achieved and the wonderful milestones and learning achievements your children have had. Have their grades improved in school, have they been more active, slept better, or been more willing to try new foods? Even the smallest things deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated!

Keep these in mind during reviews with your nanny to keep your household running smoothly and successfully!

Rockstar Nanny Interview Tips!

Let’s ring in 2023 with a new job!! Check out our top tips for showcasing what a rockstar you are to your next potential dream family!


Pick out a clean, modest outfit to meet your next potential nanny family!


Polish your resume to be concise and show all of your incredible experience! Include the exact dates you’ve worked in each position, the ages of the children you’ve cared for, and the job duties you have mastered. Include any certifications you have and any classes you’ve taken, as well!


Excellent references can make or break a job offer after a great interview! Make sure your references are willing to be contacted and flexible enough to be available for a reference call. Better yet, have them write you letters of recommendation to give to your potential new family!


Be confident with your experience, education, and skills! Your future potential employers want to hear about the classes you have taken, if you have travel experience, and what amazing fun things you bring to the table! Let your passion for your career speak for itself.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be sure the schedule, job duties, and commute are all things that work for your job needs. You may also ask about their parenting styles, how they handle discipline, and what type of activities they hope their children experience. Remember, the family wants to hire you just as much as you want the job and this has to be a match for everyone. Children included.


Answer questions honestly, but be sure not to overshare! Potential employers want to know about your experience and what type of position you’re looking for, but be sure to stay professional in the amount of information you share to keep your previous employers’ private information confidential. Save the drama for another mama!


Your interview may take place in person, but many times that first interview is over Zoom. Test out your Zoom connection prior to your interview to make sure your WiFi is working properly. If your interview is in person, Waze the directions in advance, and plan to arrive a little early! If you are super eager and organized, you may even make the drive at the exact times just to see how much wiggle room you have. Arriving 5 minutes early is on time.

Use these tips to rock your next interview and land the job of your dreams with an incredible family! 

Treat Your Nanny This Holiday Season!

Treat Your Nanny This Holiday Season!

This holiday season, show your nanny you appreciate them in ways that show how much you value the work they do for your family. From thoughtful gifts to practical needs and everything in between, here are a few gift ideas for the incredible nannies that make our lives whole!


Is your nanny always wrapped up in a blanket during story-times with your children? Gift them a luxuriously soft blanket, slippers, or boots from Ugg. Maybe they’d prefer a nice jacket from NorthFace or a warm, stylish beanie from Carhartt, or a gift card to Starbucks to warm them up from the inside out!


Does your nanny have to travel to get home for the holidays? Buy their airfare to get home to their family. Are they driving to get home for the holidays? Pay for their gas and make them a road trip basket, full of their favorite snacks. This is sure to warm their heart!


Even though our nannies have paid vacation for most holidays, treat them to an extra day or two to spend with their loved ones. Your nanny will be incredibly thankful for the extra time they are able to share with their family and will come back refreshed and ready to bring in a new year with your little ones!


Treat your nanny to a nice dinner with their significant other or best friend! You can make a reservation for your nanny to a restaurant they’ve been wanting to try or treat them to a day of nails or massages with their partner or friend!


As we approach family photo season, consider inviting your nanny along to have them join in a photo session with your family and your littles. It will be a gift all of you can treasure for many years to come and the invitation will make your nanny feel like a million bucks!


One of the best ways to thank your nanny for the amazing work they do for your family and your children is simple–a holiday bonus! Even better, pair this bonus with a simple, meaningful card or a framed picture of your children and nanny together.


Write your nanny a heartfelt note, card, or letter building them up for all the incredible work they do. Have your family, including your children, sign it, or include drawings from your children to include with it. Consider filling out a grateful book to with your family to gift to your incredible nanny.


Does your nanny use their car to transport your children to and from school, activities, and other adventures? Treat your nanny to a car detailing service. They will love opening up their doors to a fresh and clean vehicle to start the new year with!


Is your nanny looking for a new car? Are they getting married, preparing for a baby, or continuing their education in school or courses? Show your support and appreciation for all they do for you and your family. Give your time to help your nanny find something they need or want, gift them a course they’ve dreamed of taking, wedding day makeup, or a new baby essential that got you through your beginning days as a parent. Thoughtfulness can go a long way–give your nanny your favorite book or a book about something they’re interested in!


What are your nanny’s goals for the new year? Do they hope to get into shape, learn a new skill, or read more books? Consider gifting your nanny a gym membership, a FitBit, or an audiobook subscription to Audible. Is your nanny is just dying for a new hair cut and color to rock in the new year? Give them a gift card to their favorite salon!

Have a wonderful holiday season celebrating your nanny, your family, and the time with those you love!

Top Tips for Landing Your High-Profile Dream Job!

Top Tips for Landing Your High-Profile Dream Job!

Are you dreaming of working with a high-profile family and not sure what to do to stand out among the crowd? Here are a few of our top tips for working with high-profile families–how to stand out, what to expect, and how to show up as your best self each and every day! 

Be Open and Flexible for Schedule Changes

Make flexibility your middle name. Working for high-profile families may entail being flexible and willing to be the person your nanny family counts on when they have unexpected schedule changes. Being proactive and having a go-getter attitude will set you up for success in your career and your nanny family will appreciate your willingness to go above and beyond for them!

Be Discreet

Keep it in the vault! Privacy is essential when working for high-profile families. Many families will request their nannies, assistants, and other members of their team to sign NDAs. Keep this in mind before you share details about your day on social media when filling out paperwork about your employer, or adding your position to your resume.

Perfect Your Resume 

Before you are submitted to these highly sought after positions, make sure you have a detailed, polished resume that showcases your incredible experience. Include reference names and numbers of the families you’ve worked with who know you and your work ethic best–let your references speak on your behalf to give outstanding recommendations of you. Being communicative with your previous employers throughout your career and maintaining their approval to be used as a reference is extremely important in your search for a new position. Pro-tip! If you do work for a high-profile family and you have signed an NDA, we better see “Confidential Family” on that resume without any names listed 🙂

Respect Boundaries

Boundaries are of the utmost importance in high-profile homes. Knowing when to step in and when to give space is a gift only the highest rockstar nannies possess, and this is what high-profile families are looking for!

Be a Team Player 

Many high-profile households have a whole team to make their lives run smoother. Being a proactive, team player is at the top of the list of priorities! The ability to work well with others, stay organized, and plan together for the best interests of the children and household will not go unnoticed by your employer or your coworkers. Act as if everything you do and say will get back to your employers; do not join in gossip with other employees of the household or ask inappropriate questions about the principles.

We hope these tips help you book the job of your dreams! 

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