Hollywood: Full-Time Family Assistant & Nanny *Position Filled*

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Are you organized, proactive, and a team player? Would you genuinely enjoy working with children in Hollywood for your next nanny job? Do you have experience assisting a family?  If you answered “YES!” then we have the perfect opportunity for you!

Family Syllabus: This humorous family of four located in Hollywood is searching for a fantastic, calm family assistant/second nanny to work under their primary nanny for their 6 and 4-year-old boys. The 4-year-old is a hilarious sports enthusiast who loves dogs and cuddling, The 6-year-old is autistic, fully verbal, and attends public kindergarten. He has an explosive imagination and loves to play with others. He’s also EXTREMELY attuned to other people’s energies, so if you don’t truly love working with children, he will know and it won’t work out. You must sincerely LOVE working with children and be calm, happy, and confident because those are the vibes we want to surround him with. He also feeds off the energy of those around him, so someone who is calm and happy is best. Though our primary nanny mostly handles the 6-year-old (as she is acutely in-tune with his needs and has been trained by our team of specialized therapists) you would also spend at least one afternoon a week with him, quite possibly more. Though you’ll spend the vast majority of your nanny time after school with the 4-year-old. The brothers are best friends and love each other dearly. The family is looking for a candidate who can assist their current nanny with childcare approximately 10% of the time, and 90% of the time assist the family to help them be their best, most organized self. Both parents and the primary nanny cook, tidy up, and organize. The same would be expected from anyone joining their team. The family has a housekeeper already. Keeping the house clean and organized is not only the family’s preference but is key to keeping their 6-year-old regulated and calm. Also, the primary nanny has a large dog that spends the weekdays at the house, so dog lovers are encouraged to apply! Mom and Dad both work from inside the home at times.


Ideal Candidate: This dynamic family’s ideal candidate is proactive and not reactive, extremely organized, a team player, and fantastic at communicating with the family and primary nanny. The primary nanny will be the lead nanny, caring for the older child and his special needs, but both nannies will spend time with the older child, and the 4-year-old also wants quality time with the primary nanny. The 6-year-old requires patience and an understanding of how to deal with neurodivergent children. Expertise is not required, just patience and a willingness to learn from the primary nanny (who is an expert when it comes to our boy!). A reliable, clean vehicle to run errands for the family is required and they do pay mileage. A candidate who is willing to stay late some nights, sometimes come on the weekends for a few hours, or even stay overnight at times would, though not essential, be a huge bonus! Please only apply if you have at least 5 years of childcare experience.


Job Synopsis: This awesome family needs someone who can take charge of their household organization and cleanliness, while at the same time, helping care for their animated boys. Keeping the house clean, stocked with essentials, picking up supplies/running errands, preparing and shopping for birthdays, grocery shopping, some laundry, and keeping track of what is running low is very important. The housekeeper comes twice per week, and everyone cleans up the playroom or kitchen or puts away a few dishes if it’s needed. The goal is to have the boys clean up their own messes when they can with guidance and support. The schedule for this position is Monday-Friday from 9 am-5 pm, with flexibility. This role pays $35-45/hour gross with paid vacation, sick days, and holidays. Occasional help on the weekends would be wonderful, as well, but is not essential. Travel will probably not be required for the position, but a nanny who is willing to be flexible if the need arises would be helpful. The parents work in film and television and can at times keep odd hours or have to travel for work. A college degree is not required for this position.


Vaccination Requirements: This family is requesting a nanny who is fully COVID vaccinated and boosted.


Roll Call: This fantastic position starts asap!



Five years of professional nanny experience

CPR/first aid certification

Excellent references

TrustLine Registered

Clean reliable vehicle


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