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Meet The Educated Nannies Team!

Meet The Educated Nannies Team!

It’s that special time of year, the March Meet The EN Team blog is here! You may have noticed that there have been a few shifts in the Educated Nannies Team in 2024 and we couldn’t be more excited about it! You will find some familiar and fresh faces here at EN, but one thing we share is that we strong women and mothers! Take a moment to get to know the Educated Nannies and Educated Newborn Care Specialist Team!

Team Member: Ryan Jordan

As women and mothers, we wear so many hats! What hats do you wear throughout your day? I am an entrepreneur, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, chauffeur, booboo healer, therapist, room parent, event planner, cheerleader, role model, leader, caregiver, mentor, prayer warrior, financial planner, podcaster, mental load balancer, dog walker, tiny human snack dispenser, domestic manager, and coach. 

What is your role at Educated Nannies? I am the Founder, CEO, and Chief People Pleaser. 

What is your favorite part about your work with Educated Nannies? There are so many favorite parts! My favorite part is the people. I love our team of strong leaders and mothers! I love listening to parent’s needs, educating them about childcare and the available resources, and empowering them to make great choices. I really miss the home visits I used to do before the pandemic. That was my favorite part of the job, meeting clients or children face to face and seeing their beautiful homes! I also enjoy calling a nanny or NCS when they get the job to congratulate them and celebrate their joy. I even love helping nannies navigate through challenging situations. Brainstorming business and branding ideas is exciting. This work is super rewarding! 

What inspires you outside of work? My children. They constantly give me hope and inspiration to do better and be better. I learn so much from them. I am also finding great joy in the Jay Shetty certification program, as I am constantly inspired by him and the clients I get to coach. 

If you could pass along advice to other strong women, what would it be? Do your best for each day. Your best for today will not be the same as tomorrow or yesterday. Vulnerability is strength!

Click here to learn more about what inspired Ryan to create Educated Nannies, as well as our company values!


Team Member: Lisa Leone

As women and mothers we wear so many hats! What hats do you wear throughout your day? Throughout my day, I wear many hats. Currently, my biggest hat on a daily basis is matchmaking incredible staff to our clients. I enjoy meeting with all our incredible families and interviewing nannies, chefs, and personal assistants to matchmake the right team member to their home. I also get to work alongside and mentor our incredible team of women at Educated Nannies, as I oversee the day to day operations for our team. In addition, I would say my focus is on being a great mom, present and a mentor/sounding board for my college age/adult children, who call and tell me about their day and ask for advice or share about their academics and social life. It is definitely a different role parenting adults, but I am loving it and am grateful for the trust and friendship I have built with them. I also spend my days being a supportive wife and teammate to my husband on a daily basis and connecting as new empty nesters. Lastly, I try to always be present for other women and friends that may need me to just listen to them or share laughter and memories together.  

How did you originally find Educated Nannies? I originally found Educated Nannies about two years ago. I actually applied to add additional days to my schedule and find an additional family to support as a nanny/family assistant. I met with Ryan, and we had an immediate connection. She valued my past experience in owning my own child development business for 10 years where I ran and managed staff and coordinated with parents and children alike, spending a few years as a nanny, and being a mother myself of 4 children. We knew we would make a great team together. I was so inspired by her and the company she created on values that I believe in deeply. I am grateful for her trust in bringing me on board to work alongside her as the Placement Director to help grow Educated Nannies and Educated Newborn Care Specialists! 

What is your role at Educated Nannies? I am the Placement Director at Educated Nannies. As the Placement Director, I handle all permanent client relations from initial introductory calls, Zoom consultations, nanny presentations and interview/trial coordinations and contract negotiations. I build a relationship with our clients and keep in contact with them closely. I also sit in on all candidate interviews and speak with some references about their experiences with the candidate so that I can matchmake closely the right candidate for our clients. Lastly, I manage and help guide our wonderful temp and recruitment team in the day to day operations of the business.  

What is your favorite part about your work with Educated Nannies? My favorite part about working at Educated Nannies is definitely meeting with all of our incredible clients and the trust they give to me to find them their perfect match. I also love working alongside our incredible team. Everyone is truly amazing, strong women that work so well and inspire each other. My days are crazy busy, but I truly enjoy every minute of it!

What inspires you outside of work? Outside of work, I am inspired by many things. Just to name a few, I am inspired by my church that I attend weekly and the members of my Bible study that I lead, my children and their work ethic, talent and intelligence and what they are bringing to the world, my husband and his ability to lead others well, and traveling the world and seeing how there are so many different cultures and yet when you dive in, you realize how uniquely created we all are, yet incredibly similar in our experiences and commitment to what is important in life.  

If you could pass along advice to other strong women, what would it be? My advice to other strong women is to surround yourself with other strong women while also trying to uplift those that may not be as strong yet.  Don’t see women as competition, but a force to be reckoned with together.  We all have such unique and incredible gifts to share and complement one another. If we can appreciate each other and be inspired, everyone will be better off, rather than feeling jealousy or trying to tear down another woman.  


Team Member:  Hali Sell

As women and mothers we wear so many hats! What hats do you wear throughout your day? On a normal day, I am a house cleaner, cook (I say this lightly), chauffeur, coach, referee, teacher, hairdresser, and all-around caregiver. My days consist of two main things, match-making wonderful nannies, chefs, personal assistants, and NCS’s to wonderful clients, and being the sports chauffeur to my three athletes at home. We spend most of our nights and weekends at the ball field, and I would not have it any other way!

How did you originally find Educated Nannies? Through Lisa the Placement Director! I have known Lisa for many years and previously worked alongside her when she owned a few Gymboree Play & Music locations. It has been wonderful being able to partner up with her again. We are a lot alike and complement each other’s strengths. 

What is your role at Educated Nannies?I am the Recruitment Coordinator. I am your first stop in your Educated Nannies process. I get the privilege of getting to know the nannies and find the best fit for them!

What is your favorite part about your work with Educated Nannies? Match-making with Lisa. I love working with my match-making partner and finding the best fit for both clients and nannies. When I meet with both, I love to get a feel for their personality and energy. It is a great way to match-make! The longer I am here and the more I communicate with all the wonderful nannies and clients, the more I love this position!

What inspires you outside of work? I find inspiration in different places. I tend to get a lot of inspiration when I am in nature. Outside at the beach or taking a hike. I love to pop my air pods in and put on a good podcast or worship music!

If you could pass along advice to other strong women, what would it be? Never underestimate your own strength. And never be too afraid to call out the gold in someone. You never know the battles others are going through, and your words could be life-changing for them. 


Team Member: Jenna Somich

As women and mothers we wear so many hats! What hats do you wear throughout your day? I am a life-long athlete, childcare professional, fitness and caregiving coach, mother, wife, friend and steadfast cheerleader to all girls and women! 

How did you originally find Educated Nannies? I originally found Educated Nannies over 10 years ago. I was a professional nanny in Los Angeles and was involved in many nanny organizations. The idea of an “Educated Nanny” aligned with me, as that is how I viewed myself, what I offered families, and my work as a whole. I reached out to Ryan and interviewed. I felt so inspired by her vision that I applied to be part of the team and worked with Educated Nannies originally from 2013 – 2015. My family moved to the east coast for a period of time, but returned to Southern California in 2023. I felt inspired yet again by Educated Nannies work and growth and interviewed to jump back on this amazing team!

What is your role at Educated Nannies? I am the Placement Assistant at Educated Nannies! I work specifically with the Temp Division, but also get the opportunity to help the team and jump in wherever needed! I also help create newsletters, blogs and social media posts! 

What is your favorite part about your work with Educated Nannies? I have always had a passion for childcare and working with families as a professional. Since becoming a mother myself, my passion and empathy has only grown and expanded! As a previous professional nanny; I love placing nannies with families who really care for them! As a mother; I love knowing that I am sending the best of the best into the families homes to care for the children and support their little community!

What inspires you outside of work? New experiences, whether it is travel, trying new food, exploring with my family, or trying a new workout. 

If you could pass along advice to other strong women, would it be? Learn from and with other women! Learn from experiences and be a brave learner! Learning takes place over a lifetime and is a journey. We are never done. There is no destination. Sit back, take it all in, enjoy… and don’t forget to pat yourself on your back, in addition to lifting others up. You deserve it! 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know each of us a bit more! We look forward to connecting with you soon!

Mindful Caregiving

Mindful Caregiving

As we welcome a new month, we invite you to join us in Mindful March! Life moves fast and while working hard towards big goals is something we celebrate at Educated Nannies, we also love to focus on balance and fulfillment! A great way to tune into this is practicing mindfulness, or living in the moment and being present. Mindfulness is something that we can always work on and work towards! It is important to note that mindfulness is a practice or a journey. There is no “perfect” when it comes to mindfulness! So what are some examples of mindfulness and how can we pull it into our days as caregivers and parents?


Prioritize mindfulness as a caregiver or parent: If we wish to set children up for success in their practice, the first thing that we can do is get comfortable and acquainted with practicing mindfulness for ourselves! Finding time to put screens away each day, practicing deep breathing or meditation, practicing fixed awareness or noticing your environment with your senses, engaging in movement that allows us to tune into your body versus tuning out are some great ways to begin! And of course, your mindfulness routine can be something completely unique to you. Get creative and enjoy!


Modeling: As caregivers and parents, we are always teaching; Teaching with our actions, words, attitudes, and habits! We can prioritize mindfulness in our daily routines and also model it while caregiving! Some examples of modeling mindfulness while caregiving are “sportscasting” your experiences, engaging in deep breathing, slowing down, completing one task at a time with children, and being fully present with the children as they play. It is important to note, mindfulness in all moments may not be possible, but regularly incorporating aspects into the day is key!


Inviting children to join your routine: As we are modeling mindfulness, we can invite the children to join in! This can be as simple as asking the children if they would like to take three “big balloon breaths” with you or “blow out 5 candles with their breath,” to asking them if they would like to join in for yoga class, or  play with making different shapes with their body. Another great way to model mindfulness is to name all the things you notice when on a walk or are in nature, or to scan or “check-in” with the body at bed time, thank their body, and say “time to rest!” 


Inviting children to come up with their own idea: Just as mindfulness is not a one size fits all for adults, it is not for children either! Ask children if they have any ideas that feel of interest to them! Many times, when children are the driver of an activity, they are more inclined to be excited about the experience and take part in it! You might also learn from them as well!


Allow for free and undistracted play: If we wish to cultivate mindfulness in children, we will want to set the stage for it, and allow it to unfold! Children have a wonderful way of reminding us to slow down and tune into the little moments. When we observe children playing freely, creatively, uninterrupted and without distractions, we can let them lean into these moments without adding or changing their focus. We can sit back, observe, and take note of their interests, problem solving skills, and creativity. No one person thinks identically, and these quiet moments can provide insights into seeing children fully. What a gift! 


We would love to hear about the ways you pull mindfulness into your day as a caregiver! 

Top 5 Tips For An Unplugged Childhood Outdoors

Top 5 Tips For An Unplugged Childhood Outdoors

One of our favorite goals to focus on at the beginning of a new year is working towards a more unplugged childhood for the kids in our care! The research is clear that more outdoor time has significant health benefits for all including; assisting with mood and energy levels, promoting quality sleep and a balanced circadian rhythm, and creating self-care rituals. Also, allowing children to move freely in nature and explore serves as the perfect environment to test boundaries, learn, create, and dream! Time outside is always time well spent! With that in mind, we are sharing our top five tips for promoting an unplugged childhood outdoors!

Participate in 1000 Hours Outside: Are you interested in promoting an outdoor lifestyle with children, but are unsure where to begin? We love the framework of 1000 Hours Outside! This program includes a tracker sheet to note hours, tips and adventure ideas, a podcast, an outdoor curriculum, and even a community through social media to help support you in your goals! One thing to keep in mind is that the goal is progress not perfection!  

Explore museums, aquariums, zoos, or other attractions that have outdoor exhibits and play areas: Who doesn’t love a field trip to someplace new?! Switching up our environment and learning can feel fulfilling for the whole crew! Some of our personal Los Angeles favorites are: The Skirball Center, The Getty, LACMA and the Tarpits, KidSpace Children’s Museum, the LA Zoo, Travel Town, and the Aquarium of the Pacific! If you can find a weekday to go and avoid the crowds, even better. Explore, learn, and have fun in the sun!

Head to the beach: A day at the beach cannot be beat! Pack up the kids, toys, and gear and head to the coast! Explore new beaches with playgrounds, interesting environmental features like dunes, sand hills, or creeks that flow to the ocean. Explore favorite beaches at low-tide or after big storms to see what treasure you can find! Take a day trip to Palos Verdes and explore the tide pools! We are so lucky to have nature’s beauty at our fingertips and between our toes 🙂

Opt for screen-free family meals outdoors: Meals are a great time to connect with one another. What better place to do that than in fresh air?! Grab smoothies, coffee, and breakfast bagels and head to the playground for breakfast! Pack up a picnic and head to the park or botanical gardens for lunch. Enjoy dinner al fresco at home. Seek out family centered restaurants in your area that have ample outdoor space for all! 

End the day with a walk or bike ride: Grab the dog and go for a walk! Take the evening by wheel and grab bikes, a scooter, or a stroller. Breathing in fresh air and gentle movement at the end of the day is the perfect way to wind down, connect with one another, and set us up for a peaceful night of rest!

What ways do you love to promote unplugged outdoor exploration and activities with children? 

What Are The Differences Between a Newborn Care Specialist and a Postpartum Doula?

What Are The Differences Between a Newborn Care Specialist and a Postpartum Doula?

“Newborn Care Specialist? Postpartum Doula? What is the best match for our family?”

The arrival of a new baby is always a huge milestone for families! The first few weeks and months can be both beautiful and challenging as the entire family transitions into their new identity. Luckily, we at Educated Nannies understand this important time and are here to help! In 2023 we launched our sister company, Educated Newborn Care Specialists! After 7 years of placing NCS’s through Educated Nannies, we saw there was a huge need to support our families nationwide. 

In addition to helping families find their perfect Newborn Care Specialist, we also place Postpartum Doulas! Many families reach out to us asking what is the difference between these two professional roles and which is the ideal match for their family? As with all things, it all depends on your situation! Below we will outline the difference between these two roles, so that you may find what is the best match for your family’s individual wishes, wants, and needs!

Newborn Care Specialist: An NCS is a professional who is trained in the care of newborns. They will have both in-depth training and experience in establishing sleep schedules, feeding schedules, and soothing techniques. Many NCS’s will also have additional training and experience in working with multiples, premature babies, and medically fragile babies. Many families will hire an NCS to work overnight in the early weeks and months to establish these important routines and schedules, while the parents have the ability to rest. One easy way to think about this role is that it is “all things baby.” 

We recommend that you start your search for an NCS after your 20 week scan. Most NCS’s will book up about 3-4 months in advance; therefore, we recommend booking them while still pregnant as it’s important to secure the support you need to give you peace of mind. Our NCS team works 12 hour shifts (typically from 7 pm to 7 am), or 24/7 shifts to support your needs. The general rates they request are between $45-65/hour and most clients will hire an NCS to support them for the first 12-16 weeks of their baby’s life. 

Postpartum Doula: A PPD is a trained and experienced professional who supports new parents and families. Postpartum Doulas may have training in feeding and lactation support, holistic postpartum healing modalities such as belly binding, nutritional or meal support, placenta encapsulation, light household tasks, and more. While PPD’s may provide newborn care education, their role is centered around supporting the whole family, and many times the birther or mother. One easy way to think about this role is “all things birther and/or parent.” 

We recommend that you start your search for a PPD when you are 7 months pregnant. Most families have postpartum support for a minimum of six weeks. Doulas typically charge rates of $50-60/hour. 

Both types of professionals can feel like life-savers in those early weeks and months. As a company made up of women and mothers, we feel extremely passionate and honored to support new families in this way! If you have any further questions regarding hiring an NCS or PPD, please feel free to reach out. We are always here for YOU! 

Educated Nannies Team New Year Goals

Educated Nannies Team New Year Goals

2024 Goals! 

Here at the Educated Nannies, we love new beginnings, fresh starts, and the opportunity to create new goals and intentions. As we kicked off our first team meeting of 2024, each member of our team had the opportunity to share some of their goals for the coming weeks, months, and this year. Since we are big believers in practicing what we teach, we are sharing some of these goals with you all. Perhaps they will serve as inspiration for you to dream, plan, and successfully execute your goals in the new year!

Educated Nannies Team Professional Goals:

Support our existing Nannies in landing their dream job: We are only as great as our Nannies and we believe we represent some of the best! In 2024, we look forward to placing our Rockstar Nannies in their dream positions. If you are a Rockstar Nanny with this same goal, send us a quick email to keep us updated on your wishes, wants, needs, and goals in the New Year. The more we understand your goals, the better we can serve you!

Mentor new Rising Rockstar Nannies and help them find their dream position that will propel their career: The current market is competitive, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for growth! If you are a Rising Rockstar Nanny, reach out to our temp division. Adding that experience to your resume may be the component that allows you to land your dream job in the New Year!

Continue to develop our sister company, Educated Newborn Care SpecialistsEvery endeavor we begin is built from passion and that is no different with Educated NCS. It is no secret that the early stages of parenthood can feel overwhelming. It is our mission to support families during this challenging and beautiful time, and thus, our sister company was born! If you know of any families that are needing support during this time, please let them know we are here! In addition to placing outstanding Newborn Care Specialists, we also place Postpartum Doulas. Additionally, if you are a professional NCS or PPD who is passionate, experienced, and sensitive to this important time, please reach out!

Now we will dive briefly into a few of our Personal Goals:

Prioritize quiet time each day: In this busy world, it is easy to keep going, working, and hitting milestones. While that is all very important, in this New Year, we look forward to also being still, enjoying the small movements, and finding peace in the day-to-day.

Find more movement: Fitness goals are always on the top of the New Year’s list. This year, we are working to find more approachable opportunities to move throughout the day; whether that is taking a 15-minute break during the work day, taking calls at our standing desk, or embarking on new routines. Let’s face it, caregiving and parenting can sometimes feel like a contact sport!

Organize our workspaces for the new year: Working from home can be a challenge when running a household! In the new year each of us set up a fresh, clean, and organized workspace after the busy holiday season!

Drink more water: This seemingly simple goal can sometimes be a challenge! In this New Year, many of us on the EN Team are prioritizing both big goals and small ones. All are sure to help set us up for success!

We would love to hear from you! What New Year’s goals or intentions have you set for yourself in 2024?

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