Searching for a nanny can sometimes feel like a daunting task, but we at Educated Nannies are here to help guide you through each step! Before you begin your nanny search, please consider each of these following factors:

1. State and Federal Laws: The first factor to consider before you begin your nanny search is the current federal and state laws. Please keep in mind that laws regarding household employers and employees can change each year. Once you hire a nanny, you are obligated to follow all laws that apply to a household employer. These include labor, wage and overtime laws, as well as reporting taxes properly. We recommend HomePay Provided by Breedlove as an excellent resource for understanding these laws and how they apply to your family and nanny.

2. Budget: Once you understand and take into account the current laws, you can create a budget. Nannies in Los Angeles are typically paid $18-30+ per hour depending on the qualifications of the nanny, the number of children that need their care, and the duties they are responsible for. Benefits are often times offered to the nanny which include: paid vacations, paid sick days, paid holidays, mileage and gas reimbursement and a health insurance stipend. Benefits are not mandatory, but they do make the job more appealing to a professional nanny. Be sure to leave funds for raises and bonuses down the road, so the nanny has room to grow with your family.

 3. Needs and Requirements: It is important to take an honest look at your family’s needs and requirements. Your ideal nanny’s strengths should match your family’s needs. For example, if education and homework help is important to your family, it would be best to find a candidate with a teaching background or strong past experience in this particular area. If your family leads an active lifestyle, you will want to consider energetic and health conscious candidates. Remember, your nanny is an extension of the family!

4. Family Identity: This criteria is similar to “needs and requirements” but, is much more specific to your particular family. For example, does your family celebrate certain holidays? Maybe you have strong views on childcare or parenting philosophies? Identify those unique characteristics about your family culture and discuss those topics with your agency, as this will help us find the best candidate for your family.

5. The Big Picture: Last but not least, it is important to consider the big picture. Are you looking for a nanny to be with your family for a long period of time? If so, you may want to consider candidates that have experience with a diverse age range of children. Perhaps traveling is not included in the job description now, but your family plans to travel once the children are a bit older. Do your best to look ahead. Is the nanny realistically able to accommodate your family’s needs now, and also in a year or two?

Once you have considered these 5 factors, you will be better equipped to begin your nanny search! As your agency, we are here to guide you through each step! Ready to begin the search for your Educated Nanny? Please email to get started!