Follow these steps to create a positive nanny/family relationship!

1. Establish clear boundaries from day one: A great way to be clear about boundaries and expectations is to consider your needs and requests in advance. Establish these parameters and use them as a lens to carefully consider if a family or nanny is a perfect match.

2. Consider your communication style: Establish an agreed upon communication style for both the family and nanny to adhere to, whether you prefer to communicate face-to-face, via text or in a children’s daily recap journal.

3. Schedule routine check-ins and reviews: With any relationship, professional or personal, consistent communication is key. Scheduling in routine check-ins and reviews will not only ensure that the entire childcare team is on the same page, but will also communicate mutual respect and create a healthy and positive household.

4. Honor your commitments and exercise consideration: If you promise your nanny or family that you will adhere to a request, please be sure to follow through. For example, if you have established text messaging as your communication style during the workday, exercise consideration by only texting your family or nanny during off hours, in the event of an emergency. If the nanny is supposed to arrive at work at 8 am, she arrives 5 minutes early and on time. Likewise, if the family is supposed to release the nanny at 8 pm, she is released on time or asked if she can stay later.

5. Discuss questions or concerns as soon as possible: If a question or concern does arise, address the issue as soon as appropriate and possible. For example, discussing a concern immediately after an incident, in front of the children, or other household staff, may not be appropriate. However, speaking a few moments in private while the children nap, or at the end of the day, to address a concern, will ensure clarity and cut down on reoccurrence.

6. Keep things in perspective: Communication solves most problems. If the nanny does not fold the children’s laundry correctly the first time, or the family doesn’t relay important information during a trial period, it’s okay. These are easy fixes. Keep things in perspective. Everyone is navigating the relationship the first couple of weeks. No one will do everything perfectly right away. It’s important to have high expectations, but it’s also equally important to be realistic. No one can read minds. Communicating clearly and over communicating will help the relationship flourish.

7. Move forward with positivity: Once a question or concern is addressed and a solution is put into action, please move forward with positivity! Holding on to past feelings of negativity is never beneficial for any relationship.

8. Consult your agency for guidance: Working with, or, as a nanny, is a very unique, special and valuable experience. If you run into a concern that is outside of your spectrum of knowledge or experience, consult your agency for guidance. For example, if you are a parent and you are unsure as to how to handle a situation, such as traveling with a nanny, or an issue that comes up that makes you feel uneasy, please feel free to reach out to us anytime. Remember, we are all on the same team and eager to help!