We are excited to announce that according to the Los Angeles County Health Department private domestic staff workers, such as nannies (who work more than 20 hours per week) are now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine!  You must bring the following documentation to prove that you are eligible: a photo ID (this does not have to be government-issued), proof that you live or work in Los Angeles and proof that you work in the childcare sector.  Please be sure to fill out an attestation form to bring with you to your appointment.  You can check with your local pharmacies, doctor’s office, and many other health organizations that are offering appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine. We hope these updates bring families and nannies a sense of comfort and happiness!

*Please note that Educated Nannies is an equal opportunity employer. We do not require nannies to be vaccinated as an agency. However,  every family will decide what is the best choice for their household. We honor and respect everyone’s personal choices.