Are you looking for date night ideas to spend quality time with your spouse? Do you crave the one-to-one connection with your significant other or just need to feel like you’re doing something special?  Do you miss getting dressed up and putting on lipstick? If you answered yes, Educated Nannies have six creative Covid-friendly date night ideas you can plan from home!

That’s right, even during a pandemic! All you need is some creativity, planning, and the intention to carve out some quality time with your significant other. You can plan a date during your child’s nap-time, after the kids are in bed, or if you have older children you can sneak away during online school.

Bring the outdoors into your home!  Do you love camping? Making s’more by the fire? Maybe you enjoy stargazing? Transform your living room or backyard into a campsite. Set up a tent, sleeping bags, twinkle lights, your indoor/outdoor grill, and don’t forget the s’mores. If you’re camping indoors, check out our favorite baked s’more dip recipe or campfire scented candles to really make you feel like your camping!

Do a food tour of your favorite city!  Are you a foodie?  Do you miss traveling? You won’t need to pre-check for this delicious date night. Start your day like a true Parisian and make homemade croissant for breakfast!  Travel to Boston for lunch for its traditional Clam chowder or Lobster roll.  Maybe you’re in the mood for Chicago’s famous deep-dish pizza or a bagel from New York. Whatever your destination, take it a step further with a visual city backdrop or themed music in the background. This one is sure to make your loved one smile.

Get physical! One of the easiest ways to work on staying active together as a couple is including fitness in your date night plans. Active date ideas burn some calories and help you have fun together while feeling sporty and active. While gyms and yoga studios are closed, hire a trainer or yoga instructor for a private workout or lesson at home. Take an online workout class together. Do simultaneous Peloton classes. Then finish the night off with a full body massage.

Plan a Wine Tasting for Two!  Bring Napa Valley to your home with a wine tasting experience. Grab a couple of bottles of red, all different price points and regions, and pair them with a charcuterie board.  Want to be a Sommelier for the evening? Wine Folly walks you through the different types of wines, what wines pair well with what food and cheeses, information about where they are from, their regions, tasting notes, and more! It is super easy to follow.  All without leaving your house.  Enjoy this intimate, edible journey!

Lights, Camera, Action!  Turn your living room into an intimate theater for two and you don’t even need to sneak your own Junior Mints into the theater. Enjoy a Romcom, drama, or scary movie. Don’t forget the popcorn, drinks, delicious snacks, cozy pillows, and blankets!

Take an Online Cooking Class with Airbnb Experiences. Are you tired of the same meals? Do you want to try new recipes? Do you enjoy cooking as a couple?  Make Mexican street tacos or spice up life with Thai food.  Learn authentic recipes with expert hosts around the world with these unique Airbnb cooking experiences. Bon Appétit!

The key to a great date idea is to plan something that speaks to your personal interests. Have you tried any of these date ideas? Do you have any other must-do recommendations for a fun and creative date idea that we missed? Let us know!