“Newborn Care Specialist? Postpartum Doula? What is the best match for our family?”

The arrival of a new baby is always a huge milestone for families! The first few weeks and months can be both beautiful and challenging as the entire family transitions into their new identity. Luckily, we at Educated Nannies understand this important time and are here to help! In 2023 we launched our sister company, Educated Newborn Care Specialists! After 7 years of placing NCS’s through Educated Nannies, we saw there was a huge need to support our families nationwide. 

In addition to helping families find their perfect Newborn Care Specialist, we also place Postpartum Doulas! Many families reach out to us asking what is the difference between these two professional roles and which is the ideal match for their family? As with all things, it all depends on your situation! Below we will outline the difference between these two roles, so that you may find what is the best match for your family’s individual wishes, wants, and needs!

Newborn Care Specialist: An NCS is a professional who is trained in the care of newborns. They will have both in-depth training and experience in establishing sleep schedules, feeding schedules, and soothing techniques. Many NCS’s will also have additional training and experience in working with multiples, premature babies, and medically fragile babies. Many families will hire an NCS to work overnight in the early weeks and months to establish these important routines and schedules, while the parents have the ability to rest. One easy way to think about this role is that it is “all things baby.” 

We recommend that you start your search for an NCS after your 20 week scan. Most NCS’s will book up about 3-4 months in advance; therefore, we recommend booking them while still pregnant as it’s important to secure the support you need to give you peace of mind. Our NCS team works 12 hour shifts (typically from 7 pm to 7 am), or 24/7 shifts to support your needs. The general rates they request are between $45-65/hour and most clients will hire an NCS to support them for the first 12-16 weeks of their baby’s life. 

Postpartum Doula: A PPD is a trained and experienced professional who supports new parents and families. Postpartum Doulas may have training in feeding and lactation support, holistic postpartum healing modalities such as belly binding, nutritional or meal support, placenta encapsulation, light household tasks, and more. While PPD’s may provide newborn care education, their role is centered around supporting the whole family, and many times the birther or mother. One easy way to think about this role is “all things birther and/or parent.” 

We recommend that you start your search for a PPD when you are 7 months pregnant. Most families have postpartum support for a minimum of six weeks. Doulas typically charge rates of $50-60/hour. 

Both types of professionals can feel like life-savers in those early weeks and months. As a company made up of women and mothers, we feel extremely passionate and honored to support new families in this way! If you have any further questions regarding hiring an NCS or PPD, please feel free to reach out. We are always here for YOU!