Earth Day is Thursday!  A national day for everyone to focus on the environment and caring for our planet.  Earth Day is a great opportunity to teach our children about the three R’s- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle as well as how plants grow!  There are so many ways parents and children can protect, preserve and restore our planet from cleaning up, to recycling, composting, planting a garden or just enjoying the beauty of nature!  We have put together six eco-friendly activities for families and children to celebrate Mother Earth this year

Make A Bird Feeder

There are many ways to make a homemade bird feeder out of recycled materials such as toilet paper tubes, popsicle sticks and even pinecones!  Feeding birds is a great way to get kids involved in nature and teach them to observe wild animals.  Here is a fun bird feeder biscuit recipe that is eco-friendly, so no need to worry if a big wind gust blows away your feeder!


Have A Picnic

Finding a shady area at a neighborhood park and setting up a picnic is a great way to get outside and enjoy Mother Nature.  To make it an ecofriendly picnic be sure to pack your food in reusable containers, bring reusable utensils, water bottles and straws!  Also, you can reduce your carbon footprint even more by preparing a vegan meal!


Make A Nature Crown

Nature Crowns make a fun and easy craft you can make and wear to celebrate Earth Day!  No need to buy any items, you can use an abundance of items you find in nature.  Some great things to use are flowers, grasses, clover, vines, sticks and dandelions!  Be sure to take some whimsical photos while wearing the creations you make!


Practice Earth Day Yoga

Celebrate Earth Day with children by doing a special outdoor kid friendly yoga session.  Try standing barefoot in the grass, so that you can feel Earth under your feet and are grounded while breathing in the fresh air and feeling the breeze!  You can pick either Earth or animal related poses such as tree, dog, elephants, and cat poses.  Yo Ri Mi Kids shares creative and easy yoga poses to try with your children outside!


Start A Garden

We all know kids love to play in the dirt, so starting a family garden is a wonderful way to take care of plants together.  If you do not have a lot of space or live in the city you can always make a potted garden or even a patio garden!  When planning your garden have your children measure out the soil, dig the holes and pick which seeds they want to plant.  Be sure to talk about each plants life cycle and watch them flourish!


Plant A Tree

There is no better time and than Earth Day to plant a tree!  You can find a special place in your backyard to plant a family tree that you can enjoy for years to come.  If you choose to plant a fruit tree, you’ll also have the added benefit of beautiful blossoms and fruit you can enjoy once the tree is mature!


We would love to know how you and your families are celebrating Earth Day this year.  Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see how we will be celebrating this year!