Questions for an Educated Nanny:

What are your thoughts on discipline? What is your preferred parenting style?

“These are hard questions to answer. I’ve been working with children of all ages for 36 years and “one style” of parenting does not “fit all” children. I have seen many different styles of parenting used to raise children during this time.

Discipline does not necessarily mean punishment. The challenges and pressures of our children today are very different from past generations. Rules regarding discipline may change more frequently and should be situation and age appropriate. A young baby learns very quickly when they do something to upset us. It’s how we respond that matters.

I was raised by two parents in a very happy home. Yes, we had all the normal problems of a family and the teenage years were a little tough on my parents, but generally I realize now that I was very, very lucky. We did things as a family at the weekend, and had great vacations in the summer together. I feel my parents prepared us to embrace our freedom and responsibilities at the appropriate ages. The reason I’ve mentioned this is because as a nanny I’ve always tried to use my own up-bringing to help me raise other people’s children.

I believe in love, guidance, fairness, a flexible schedule and boundaries that help children develop a feeling of security and self-reliance. Becoming self-reliant helps them to make good choices when given the opportunity. They need to learn right from wrong from an early age, have respect for themselves and others, and have empathy for their fellow peers. We need to communicate with babies from birth for them to understand the world around them and introduce them to new things before they really need to master them. We do this by understanding their needs before they do and reading their actions and behavior. Children should be allowed to make their own decisions for certain things. By doing this they have a feeling of pride and this builds good self-esteem.

Having a positive attitude towards your child’s behavior is half the battle! Let them know what’s expected of them in different situations-when to be quiet, when to be loud and run free, how to behave at the grocery store or the mall. If they know the rules, it’s easier to re-enforce them when needed.

I do need to add that most of these methods seem to fly out the window during the teenage years (Think back to when you were a teenager) Teenagers just can’t help the way they behave most of the time. We just need to be there for them, even if the communication styles change. Texting your teenager is so much easier, and you may actually get a response!

You realize when they go to college they really did listen to what you said during all those years while they were growing up. They just don’t want to admit it quite yet-that comes later as they mature.

I hope this gives you an idea of how I have worked with children during my career as a nanny. I love being with children of all ages. They are the next generation and we need to prepare them the best we can for the future.”

-Catherine Glover, Professional Career Nanny