2024 Goals! 

Here at the Educated Nannies, we love new beginnings, fresh starts, and the opportunity to create new goals and intentions. As we kicked off our first team meeting of 2024, each member of our team had the opportunity to share some of their goals for the coming weeks, months, and this year. Since we are big believers in practicing what we teach, we are sharing some of these goals with you all. Perhaps they will serve as inspiration for you to dream, plan, and successfully execute your goals in the new year!

Educated Nannies Team Professional Goals:

Support our existing Nannies in landing their dream job: We are only as great as our Nannies and we believe we represent some of the best! In 2024, we look forward to placing our Rockstar Nannies in their dream positions. If you are a Rockstar Nanny with this same goal, send us a quick email to keep us updated on your wishes, wants, needs, and goals in the New Year. The more we understand your goals, the better we can serve you!

Mentor new Rising Rockstar Nannies and help them find their dream position that will propel their career: The current market is competitive, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for growth! If you are a Rising Rockstar Nanny, reach out to our temp division. Adding that experience to your resume may be the component that allows you to land your dream job in the New Year!

Continue to develop our sister company, Educated Newborn Care SpecialistsEvery endeavor we begin is built from passion and that is no different with Educated NCS. It is no secret that the early stages of parenthood can feel overwhelming. It is our mission to support families during this challenging and beautiful time, and thus, our sister company was born! If you know of any families that are needing support during this time, please let them know we are here! In addition to placing outstanding Newborn Care Specialists, we also place Postpartum Doulas. Additionally, if you are a professional NCS or PPD who is passionate, experienced, and sensitive to this important time, please reach out!

Now we will dive briefly into a few of our Personal Goals:

Prioritize quiet time each day: In this busy world, it is easy to keep going, working, and hitting milestones. While that is all very important, in this New Year, we look forward to also being still, enjoying the small movements, and finding peace in the day-to-day.

Find more movement: Fitness goals are always on the top of the New Year’s list. This year, we are working to find more approachable opportunities to move throughout the day; whether that is taking a 15-minute break during the work day, taking calls at our standing desk, or embarking on new routines. Let’s face it, caregiving and parenting can sometimes feel like a contact sport!

Organize our workspaces for the new year: Working from home can be a challenge when running a household! In the new year each of us set up a fresh, clean, and organized workspace after the busy holiday season!

Drink more water: This seemingly simple goal can sometimes be a challenge! In this New Year, many of us on the EN Team are prioritizing both big goals and small ones. All are sure to help set us up for success!

We would love to hear from you! What New Year’s goals or intentions have you set for yourself in 2024?