Are you looking to take a new class to add a certificate and wealth of knowledge to your resume? Check out our list of our favorite classes/certifications to help you continue to be the ultimate rockstar nanny!

Positive Discipline course by Sproutable

This course gives you the framework of Positive Discipline, based on the theories of psychologists Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs, and tools from the latest social neuroscience to use when caring for young children (toddlers & preschoolers). Check out Sproutable’s Nanny Certification!

RIE with Janet Lansbury

Are you the ultimate respectful nanny who would love to learn from the best of the best? Check out Janet Lansbury’s No Bad Kids Master Course!

Water Safety!

Red Cross offers an incredible online resource class for Water Safety for Caregivers to add to your resume! Knowing how to swim, save a child, and stay safe around any body of water is an excellent qualification!

Become a Montessori Expert

The Prepared Montessorian Institute has a variety of on-demand programs to choose from to hone your Montessori skills in everything from independent play to potty training!

Learn More about feeding, physical activity, and safe sun exposure!

Texas A&M AgriLife has a variety of educational online courses for caregivers! Check out Age-Appropriate Nutrition, Feeding, and Support for Breastfeeding, Physical Activity & Screen Time, and Grow Sun Smart!

Play Based Learning

The virtual Free to Play Summit is happening October 21st through 23rd! Sign up now to learn from 15 education experts how to engage, support and elevate children’s development.

We hope you enjoy these courses as much as we have and can’t wait to see them popping up on your resumes! Parents and nannies alike will be thrilled to see so many new certifications on your resume!