Last year, COVID-19 brought an abundance of uncertainty which has continued into 2021.  There has been a complex array of factors such as social isolation, changes in routine, and having to wear masks in public areas.  Children (and even us adults!) may have many worries that are related to the consequences of COVID-19, such as, will they be able to see their relatives and friends, go back to school, or get sick.  Beyond getting sick, many young people’s social, emotional, and physical well-being has been impacted by the pandemic.  We have put together some tips and different ways to help support your children through this difficult time together.


It is important to be available to communicate with your children and be prepared if they come to you with any questions.  Being calm and setting the right tone will go a long way in creating a supportive and comforting environment.  According to Kids Health, this may mean acknowledging that things are different or providing factual information to your child.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has the information you will need and some great tips on how to talk with children during a pandemic.  Be honest with your children about information and answering their questions to the best of your ability to ensure them that there are measures in place to protect us all.

Establish A Routine

COVID 19 has thrown all of our routines for a big loop this year leaving us scrambling to establish some kind of normalcy!  Young children thrive in a daily routine also, as a way to gain an understanding of everyday events and procedures to learn what is expected of them. The Department of U.S. Health and Human Services sites that routines make a child’s environment more predictable, boost self-confidence and develop all relationships. With many school-aged children engaged in virtual learning these days, there may be a routine in place in which you can build on.  A great way to help build on their routine is with an interactive calendar, where the child can add all of their day-to-day activities themselves! These calendars have Velcro tasks that are vibrant, customizable, and fun for your child to use as a reminder or as an exciting way to look forward to the days ahead. Etsy has a wide variety of interactive boards where children have the option to add simple actions such as brushing their teeth or making their bed.

Stay Connected

Social distancing has made staying connected in person with friends and family much harder.   UC Health acknowledges the importance of social interaction with their study which states that interpersonal connection increases immunity, life span, and motivation. Apps like Zoom and FaceTime have risen in popularity over the last year as a way to interact virtually with loved ones.  Netflix has a new feature called Netflix Party where you can watch movies and TV shows with friends that synchronizes video playback which is great for any necessary popcorn breaks!  Communities worldwide have started internet scavenger hunts as a way to meet your neighbors, feel support, and explore neighborhoods. The Rainbow Quarantine Collection has a nationwide map of homes participating in putting rainbows in their windows.  Drawing colorful pictures and writing sweet messages and putting them in your window is a reminder that we are united in seeking a positive outcome in our world. Seeking out the rainbows in your neighborhood can be a fun game of “I Spy!”

We hope that all of our clients and nannies are staying safe and healthy during this time.  With communication, a great routine, and staying connected with our loved ones, we can all get through this together.