Happy 2021 to our wonderful clients and nannies!  Even though the holidays may have been different in 2020 than in years past, the hustle and bustle may have been the same. The new year means slowing down and resetting. It also means new resolutions. For many it can mean more exercise, eating clean, or trying to kick other bad habits. I’m looking at you, daily Amazon delivery.  But rather than a resolution to the year, consider a new intention.  Resolutions can sometimes feel stiff and overwhelming while intentions are flexible and meaningful.  Formulating new intentions is a great way to improve your bond as a family and teach children valuable lessons.  Here are some ideas to help you and your family start the year off right together with positivity, forgiveness, and intention.

Be Positive

The difficult events of 2020 left positivity in short supply. Reflecting on the year meant trying to create new energy for the family with positive intentions. The best way to promote that energy is to share those intentions and have them heard and acknowledged by each member. Accepting everyone’s idea is a must so that everyone can have a fresh start.  Using expressions such as “I hope to…”, I’d like to…” and “I will…” are all positive phrases to start the season off right.  You can help guide your child to come up with positive affirmations that are short, positive, and present tense such as, “I am strong,” “I am smart,” and “I am fun.”  Sharing your own positivity with your child is the most influential way to help them model the same behavior.  Support and motivate each family member throughout the year with their intentions.

Be Present

In today’s world, it is easy to get caught up in our daily routines and forget about some of the things that matter the most to us.  Try putting all phones and tablets away during dinner time and talk about each family member’s day.  Plan some alternative activities while electronics are put away such as board games, taking a family walk, or have a nature scavenger hunt outside!   Meditation and yoga apps are also a great way to feel present.  Having children participate in meditation and yoga sessions can help them learn how to sit in the present without any outside interruptions.   Set aside 10 minutes a day to quietly reflect and set the tone for your day or night.  Awake and Mindful shares five free yoga videos for you and your children to try and enjoy!

Be Inspired

Being together as a family and having an open mind to new activities can inspire all members. One way to feel inspired is by trying a new activity together such as taking a cooking class.  You can learn new skills in the kitchen and try new cuisines while spending quality time with each other.  There are so many options for family and Covid-19 friendly cooking classes you can take online like these at Kids Cooking Green!   Another idea is to create a vision board.  Talk about the family goals you want to achieve; places you want to travel to or activities you’d like to do together.  You can do this by collecting pictures, artifacts, and words that depict your intentions.  This is a great activity especially for younger children as they can help cut, glue, and pick out items to add to the board.  Pinterest also shares goal setting printable worksheets for your children to write out their thoughts and goals!

Even though 2021 will share some of the same trials we experienced in 2020, we can use these intentions to guide us through the new year.  Wishing you all the positivity and prosperity that the new year brings you and your families!