As new mothers, we are responsible for wearing many hats throughout the day. It takes a lot of time and energy to keep the ship afloat, and behind every multi-tasking mother, there is a hard-working father who deserves a little pampering! Here are five ways to pamper a new dad on Father’s Day!

Complete an act of service

Wash dad’s car, wash all of his laundry or tackle a project such as organizing his office or closet. These little tokens of kindness will set dad up for success and make him feel loved.

 Primp him out

Treat dad to a haircut, day at the spa, or a manicure. It feels good to have your body loved, and it gives a man some self-confidence to look good.

 Quality Cooking Time

When a new baby arrives, it may be hard to find time to cook and also spend quality time together. Book a couple’s cooking class or schedule a private chef to come to your home to help you create a loving meal together.

 New clothes and compliments

Spit up on the clothes again? No worries! Dad has some new duds coming from his favorite store. Buy him an outfit from head to toe (shoes too!) and watch his face light up. Tell him you appreciate everything he does for the family, compliment him, and say I love you. Words of affirmation go a long way.

 Schedule a date night

You may be thinking who has time for a date night as a new parent? We all do. Yes, before you created your child, it was mommy/daddy time. Now it’s hard to even sleep in the same bed uninterrupted. Put the daddy first today and take him out for some good old-fashioned fun at a memorable venue.