As a new parent with a now toddler, you probably feel like you have finally got a handle on all things baby, schedules and parenting hacks and then boom!  You find yourself expecting a second sweet bundle of joy.  As exciting and happy a new baby joining the family is, you may have found yourself now in panic mode wondering how your first born will handle this big transition.  It is important to calm your child’s nerves and assure him or her that they are still loved very much, and they are about to have a new baby brother or sister to play with!  Every family is different, and each child will handle welcoming a new sibling differently, but to ensure that everyone is as prepared as can be, we have put together some tips to help with a smooth(er) transition!

Prepare For Any Reaction

You will not be able to predict how your child will react to welcoming their brand-new sibling.  Some children may be excited and want to give their new sibling lots of hugs and kisses, while others may be upset, angry, or even confused.  No matter which reaction you receive be sure to reassure them that you and your partner love them unconditionally and that will never change.  Some children may just need a little extra time to warm up to the new situation.  Try waiting for your child to ask questions when they are ready and provide them with direct answers if possible.

Coordinate Nap Times

Bringing home a new baby will add a whole new dynamic to your family.  Suddenly your schedule that you are all used to for the last few years now feels impossible to stick to with a newborn’s needs thrown into the mix!  Coordinating naps may seem easier said than done, but it can be a good way to save your sanity throughout the day.  This can also be a great way to catch a few minutes of sleep for yourself too!  Taking Cara Babies has a variety of infant sleep courses to help you though those tough sleepless moments.

Let Your Toddler Help

Having help while taking care of a newborn is appreciated no matter how big or small it is!  You can have your toddler help with small tasks such as grabbing a new diaper, a toy, blanket and even a quick snack from the pantry for momma!  You can also let them be involved in bathing the new baby or help picking out a new outfit. By including your toddler, you can make them feel helpful and capable while teaching them new skills all by your side.  This can also encourage your toddler to become interested in other small household chores.  Etsy offers simple “chore” charts your toddler can check off each day!

Exchange Meaningful Gifts

Everyone loves a gift giving moment, right?  Allow your older child to select a special gift that they can give their new sibling upon meeting one another.  Be sure to also have a gift ready to be given to your toddler from the new baby as well.  These sweet handcrafted dolls are a safe and great gift for our littlest loves to exchange with each other.

Enjoy One on One Time

While transitioning with a new baby in the house you may be more overwhelmed and busier than ever before. If you can find any time in the day to spend one on one with your older child, we would encourage it!  You can simply go for a walk in the neighborhood together or grab a fun treat like froyo.  Giving them your individual attention can help you be more present and make them feel valued and loved.  It also may give you some of the sweetest memories to date!

We hope some of these tips can help you and your family though the transition of welcoming a new child. Always remember to not put too much pressure on yourselves and that bonding will take time while your children get to know each other.  As chaotic as these moments may seem in the moment, you will be making the most beautiful family memories along the way!