The holiday season is here! While many families and nannies are typically traveling right now, we know that many of you will be spending your holidays at home. Perhaps maybe even alone. With 2020 being a year of so many unknowns, one thing we know for certain is that nannies have brought the magic into your homes! Whether it was teaching your child something new, helping with virtual homework, making your home look spotless, or spreading joy, they showed up ready to help. They showed up masked. They showed up with love in their hearts even though fear may have been within their bodies. Here are some ways to thank your nanny this holiday season! 

Year-End Bonus (most popular): A bonus for a nanny is an extra special “Thank you!” for dedicating time all year long to your most precious littles. A typical bonus is either one or two weeks’ pay depending on how long the nanny has been working with your family. If you aren’t able to afford the same bonus as you gave last year, have an open conversation with your nanny. This year has been financially difficult for many and any monetary gift is much appreciated. 

Gift Cards: Are there special retail or online stores that your nanny likes to shop at? Perhaps they have a favorite grocery store that they like to splurge at?  A favorite restaurant that delivers to their home or has a safe pick up option? Gift cards make the perfect gift for a nanny who is always putting the needs of others first!  

Lessons or Memberships: Does your nanny enjoy dancing, drawing, or learning a second language? Do they workout, enjoy cooking, or taking photographs?  Yoga studio class memberships, enrichment classes, or lessons are another way of treating your nanny. You may even want to gift your nanny a membership to the International Nanny Association!

Unique or Homemade Gifts:   Etsy offers a variety of unique gifts for everyone.  Perhaps a homemade scarf and matching hat?  Maybe a special pair of earrings or a necklace that will remind her of your family.  Framed photos of the children or a Shutterfly photo book filled with memories shared with your family.

Fun Holiday Options: If your budget permits, perhaps you can help your nanny buy a new phone or computer. If your budget is limited, consider a gift of time and pop home a few hours early to take over for your nanny so they can get a jump start to their weekend.

Last but not least, remember the taxes: While this can sometimes be overlooked, please keep in mind that all bonuses are taxable income to the employee and must be reported on all employment tax documents.

If you have any questions regarding holidays, year-end gifts, or bonuses for your nanny, please feel free to reach out to us at We are always happy to help and be of service!