National Make a Difference Day is on October 22nd this year! Celebrate this day with your future world-changers by going the extra mile. Modeling kind, selfless behaviors for the next generation will inspire future leaders who make a difference everyday!

A Little Thank You Goes a Long Way

Bring out the crayons, construction paper, and collection of stickers and write thank you notes with your little ones to the people in your lives! Thank your bus drivers, landscapers, housekeepers, and delivery drivers with this surprise note to show your appreciation and support. Go a step further and surprise them a gift card with their note!

Show Animals the Same Love They Show Us

Call your local animal shelter and ask how you can support them. Have your children gather up the blankets they’ve outgrown, lying around the house, and deliver them to your local shelter. Take a field trip to the pet store and pick up a few bags of food and a pack of tennis balls. Better yet, is your family looking for a new four-legged family member? Put in an application to adopt your children’s new best friend to make a difference in an animal’s life!

Care For Your Community

Take pride in your local school, street, and parks. Go for a walk with your children and pick up trash along the way; rake leaves in front of the elementary school or for your neighbor; pick up branches and sticks on trails surrounding your local park. They will love the fresh air! Make a game out of picking up trash and have a race to see who can pick up the most!

Raise Money For a Cause

Host a bake sale and have your children make delicious treats with you or open a lemonade stand in the front yard and use the proceeds to donate to your favorite charity. Write down you and your families favorite organizations on little pieces of paper and pick out of a hat which one you’ll donate to. Think of things that mean the most to you; the animal shelter, the food bank, or the children’s hospital could be excellent options to give back to.

We hope these ideas help you and your family make a difference today, and everyday!