Have you ever found yourself interested in information about the Montessori method of teaching?  Or maybe it’s something you are familiar with and follow closely in your children’s day to day activities?  Montessori is a scientifically based education approach that emphasizes on independence, hands on learning and collaborative play.  We are excited to share a few ideas on how to incorporate Montessori based learning into your home each day!

Child Sized Furniture 

There are a variety of children’s furniture items that promote Montessori based learning.  A table and chair set where your child’s feet sit flat on the ground will provide appropriate comfort for them as they gain mobility and independence.  You child can use this “weaning” table to enjoy a healthy snack or do a creative activity!

Set Up Independence

Prepare your home environment to enable your child to be able to do things for themselves.  Montessori is always child centered and promotes freedom for children to explore materials of their choice.  A few ways to encourage these tasks are to arrange coat hooks lower for them to hang their jacket up or have an accessible drawer in the kitchen for them to choose their plate and cup for dinner.

Create a “Yes” Space

Offering children, a designated area to learn and play can encourage a sense of self and offers ownership.  This is often called a “YES” space according to Janet Lansbury and can inspire play, learning and creativity for both the child and parent.  It is a room or area made specifically for the child to feel safe and assured.  Create a clean space with no hazardous items, a soft and comfortable rug, a toy shelf where items are clutter free and a climber where children can explore and get their wiggles out!

Basket of Books

Reading is always a wonderful activity to incorporate into a child’s day.  Keep a basket of Montessori inspired children’s books anywhere your child spends time such as in the corner of your living room, the car (which can also be used when in the waiting room at appointments, long car rides or their sibling’s baseball game!) and wherever your child spends a lot of their time.  

Simple and Natural Décor

Have you ever walked into a serene space such as a spa and instantly felt calmer?  That might have a something to do with the usual neutral aesthetic that most day spas have.  You can achieve the same environment for your children’s spaces by painting the walls a neutral color, featuring wood, glass, or natural fibers over plastic materials.  Also, try including framed art to hang in their space to replace bright and cartoon like art.  

Our community of nannies loves learning about new ways to incorporate different childcare philosophies into their work each day.  We hope you found some of these tips helpful if you practice Montessori learning!