Mother’s Day is this weekend! Last year, we blogged about all the fun ways to show mom your love and appreciation for all of the hard work, passion and dedication she gives, each and every day with activities and crafts. Click here to read more!

This year, we were inducted into the Motherhood Club! Therefore, we wanted to add some other simple yet great ways to put a smile on a new mommy’s face.

A hot uninterrupted shower: Yes, it is wonderful to place my sweet son in the bouncer and stare at him as I let the warm water rush over my tired body, but it’s not so much fun, when the smiles turn to screams. Let’s just say there’s been too many times of jumping out of the shower and drying off soap to tend to tears. Ahhhhh… shaving my legs sounds like heaven right about now. Thirty minutes of shower time alone would be lovely.

Wash, dry and fold the baby laundry: These tiny clothes are just too adorable, but they are even more adorable when someone else has sprayed them with stain remover, placed them in the washer, dried them, and folded them. Bonus points if you put them away in the correct place and/or hang them in the closet. Extra love if you do the grown up laundry too 🙂

A full night’s sleep: These words are music to a new mommy’s ears! Heck, I think most moms will take 5 hours of sleep. Yes, those sweet baby breaths are charming at 4 am, but so is doing a soft pillow dance. Dad… here is where you can look like a hero! Wake up with the baby, soothe the baby, and feed the baby. If mom has to pump while you feed the baby a bottle, please put the baby back to bed and wash all of mom’s pumping supplies so she wakes up to a clean environment. Oh happy days!

Quality time: Life is busy and it feels even busier in Los Angeles when both parents are working. Please carve out some time to catch up about all the pleasures in life. Listen to mom when she tells you how great being a mother is, and all the wonderful things you missed this week in her life. Being a mother is really the best job in the world! Tell mom you love her. Send her to the Dry Bar to get a blow out. Book her an appointment to get a manicure. Pour her a glass of wine, and massage her feet. Okay, maybe that’s pushing it, but you get the picture. Pamper the mommy!

 Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Mother’s Day!


Educated Nannies