Twenty-fifteen is here which means one thing: out with the old and in with the new! Kick off the New Year with some new, healthy and fun rituals for the whole family to enjoy together.

Set “big picture” goals with small “stepping stone” goals: Setting big goals can feel overwhelming for everyone, but that is no reason to give up on big dreams! Ask each member of the family what they would like to achieve this year. Brainstorm some small “stepping stone” goals to achieve each week, that lead to the “big picture” goals. Take inventory at the end of each week. Were the stepping stone goals achieved? Were there any challenges faced or overcome? Is everyone moving forward towards the big picture goals? Why or why not?

Healthy meal planning and menus: We all know that routine can get boring, and this especially applies to our taste buds. Use this time of year to revamp the family’s menus. Do you want the family to try healthier meals or expand their palates? Plan an afternoon to bring the kids to the farmers market. Let them taste some of the fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and allow them to pick out some items to bring home. Set two afternoons a week aside for meal prepping. Prep healthy and easy “go-to” snacks for the family, and stash them in the fridge. Planning ahead will set everyone up for success in making healthier choices throughout the week.

Get your activity on: Explore fun new activities in the area with the family! Plan a hike in the hills, or bike cruise along the beach. Perhaps a trip to the mountains to take in some sledding and snow is the ticket. Los Angeles truly does have something for everyone! On a daily basis, try to start or end the day with an activity. This one small change can lead to better stress management, focus and quality sleep!

Schedule in quality R&R: With schedules jam packed, this one can be tough! Before the week begins, pick a non-negotiable day (or part of a day, if that is more realistic) for family rest and relaxation. Let the kids linger in their PJ’s and put chores and homework on hold for this special time. When we work hard all week it is OK to let ourselves unwind!

Gratitude: It’s easy to focus on all that we wish to change in the New Year, but please remember to take time to think back on all that was achieved in 2014. Did you get to go on any great trips or adventures? Did the kids have any breakthroughs at school, in sports, or at extracurricular activities? Were new friends made, or old relationships re-established? Focusing on acceptance and gratitude will allow you to cherish all that 2015 has to offer. Enjoy!

*photo credit: First & Little