Have you ever wondered how to create a performance review with your nanny? They are professionals and deserve to have feedback. Touching base with your nanny is so important for a successful journey. Start your open and honest communication with your nanny today! Keep a running list of areas you’d like to discuss with your nanny and set aside time for you and your nanny to meet privately to focus on the conversation instead of the children surrounding you. Continue reading for our top tips for creating a simple, successful performance review!


Having a set time for your performance review and the same expectations between you and your nanny will set you up for success! Better yet, include performance reviews and dates for them in your contract so there’s never a surprise! We recommend reviews at 2 weeks, 90 days, 6 months, and 1 year.


Don’t be afraid to ask your nanny questions or let your nanny communicate questions or concerns to you, as well. Open communication creates a safe space for the employer and employee to stay on the same page! Most issues are solved with some good old communication in person. Set the right tone!


Performance reviews aren’t just about how your nanny can improve. Take this time to share with them all the great things they do, the peace they bring to your life, and the love and care they bring to your children.


What are your goals as an employer? What goals does your nanny want to focus on? What does your family as a whole hope to work on? Keeping a list of goals to achieve as a unit will give you and your nanny something to strive for.


Ask for support where needed and be willing to offer support where your nanny needs it. Did they just finish going on an 8-day vacation with your family? Give them the day off!


Performance reviews are a great time to review what goals have been achieved and the wonderful milestones and learning achievements your children have had. Have their grades improved in school, have they been more active, slept better, or been more willing to try new foods? Even the smallest things deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated!

Keep these in mind during reviews with your nanny to keep your household running smoothly and successfully!