Let’s ring in 2023 with a new job!! Check out our top tips for showcasing what a rockstar you are to your next potential dream family!


Pick out a clean, modest outfit to meet your next potential nanny family!


Polish your resume to be concise and show all of your incredible experience! Include the exact dates you’ve worked in each position, the ages of the children you’ve cared for, and the job duties you have mastered. Include any certifications you have and any classes you’ve taken, as well!


Excellent references can make or break a job offer after a great interview! Make sure your references are willing to be contacted and flexible enough to be available for a reference call. Better yet, have them write you letters of recommendation to give to your potential new family!


Be confident with your experience, education, and skills! Your future potential employers want to hear about the classes you have taken, if you have travel experience, and what amazing fun things you bring to the table! Let your passion for your career speak for itself.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be sure the schedule, job duties, and commute are all things that work for your job needs. You may also ask about their parenting styles, how they handle discipline, and what type of activities they hope their children experience. Remember, the family wants to hire you just as much as you want the job and this has to be a match for everyone. Children included.


Answer questions honestly, but be sure not to overshare! Potential employers want to know about your experience and what type of position you’re looking for, but be sure to stay professional in the amount of information you share to keep your previous employers’ private information confidential. Save the drama for another mama!


Your interview may take place in person, but many times that first interview is over Zoom. Test out your Zoom connection prior to your interview to make sure your WiFi is working properly. If your interview is in person, Waze the directions in advance, and plan to arrive a little early! If you are super eager and organized, you may even make the drive at the exact times just to see how much wiggle room you have. Arriving 5 minutes early is on time.

Use these tips to rock your next interview and land the job of your dreams with an incredible family!