A resume is the first step to making a great impression. Are you wondering how to showcase your incredible nanny or NCS experience? We can help! Follow these tips to make your resume stand out and land the job you’ve been waiting for!

Qualifications Front and Center

Have you taken courses in child development? Are you travel-ready, CPR and first aid certified? Do you speak another language? Are you registered with TrustLine in California? These are fantastic qualifications to add to your resume to showcase your rockstar qualities. Share the philosophies you are trained in, if you have live-in experience, or if you’ve worked in high-profile homes!

Reasons for Leaving

Including a reason for leaving each of your positions is a fantastic way to be transparent and show the client why a position may have been short-lived or why a long-term position came to an end. We understand that not every position is the perfect fit and you may have worked with multiple families in a decade as children always start school and full-time positions turn into part-time positions.

Ages of Children Upon Hire

Along with the title of your position, include the ages of the children you cared for when you started the position! The family will do the math to see how old they were when you left, and this is a great way to touch on the ages you have the most experience with! If a child was born while you were working for a family, make sure to add your newborn or infant experience with the family as well.

Education, Certifications, and Coursework

If you have a college degree, share it here! Families love to see where you went to school, where you received your certifications from, or any other classes you may have taken! You never know when a parent will request a nanny who went to culinary school because preparing healthy meals is super important for their family. Leave the year you graduated from school as it can leave the door open for discrimination.

A Smiling Photo!

Photos are always optional and we want the candidates we represent to feel completely comfortable with how we present them to our clients. It’s important to mention that clients love to see a smiling photo on your resume to make your incredible qualifications feel more personable!


Sharing if you worked full-time, part-time, on a rotational schedule, or as a weekend nanny can add so much clarification to your resume, especially if you have crossover with some positions! Please also include if the position was live-in or live-out as that does matter for clients, especially those seeking live-in nannies.

Make it Personal!

What are some of your top hobbies? Sharing a little bit about yourself in a short, third-person bio can be a great way to share a little about your philosophy as a nanny and who you are both inside and outside of your career. Some nannies even have websites or blogs with crafts and art projects which is always fun for parents to peruse. Pro-tip: Don’t overshare!

Teaching or Newborn Care Experience to Add?

We love to see it! Make separate sections on your resume for your NCS clients, temp work, or teaching experience, with the most relevant experience at the top of your resume! All of your experience caring for children is important.

We hope these resume tips help you land the job of your dreams! Reach out to one of our incredible recruiters if you’re ready to find your next position with Educated Nannies!