Establish Three Self-Care Power-Ups: Self-care can look very different to each individual! To ensure that we engage in self-care, we first must know what fills our cup! Do you love spending time in nature? Does a massage help you feel restored? Does curling up with a cup of tea and a book sound like an evening well spent, or do you feel energized when spending time with friends? Identify three go-to self-care “power-ups” that leave you feeling rejuvenated!


Schedule Your Self-Care Power-Ups: Once we identify what feels fulfilling, we can schedule our power-ups! Nannies work tirelessly to ensure their family’s schedules are streamlined and balanced. You can utilize this skill and apply it to your own life! Scheduling regular self-care will help you make time for it! Even if you only plan to do something once or twice per month, it’s important just to begin! 


Find Connection: Working as a nanny can feel isolating. Find connections with others in your industry! Are there any meet-up groups you could attend? Can you regularly connect with a group of your nanny friends across the country via Zoom? Perhaps having a nanny “pen pal” would help you feel connected! One thing is for sure, you are not alone. Finding the connection you need will help you feel understood and supported!


Attend Industry Events: We are so lucky to have such a wonderful industry full of events! Earlier this month we attended the SoCal interNational Nanny Training Day. The INA Conference is just around the corner, and the Nannypalooza Conferences are happening this fall! Connecting with others in our industry while learning and letting loose at these events can leave us feeling refreshed and re-inspired!


What other ways do you find time for self-care? We would love to hear! Tell us in the comments or send us a message. And remember, you deserve time for YOU!