The ‘Thanks’ in Thanksgiving

It is November and in a few short weeks, Thanksgiving will be upon us! Last year we blogged about compassion, caring and gratitude here and this year we want to build on that. It’s easy to get swept away worrying about all the details that make Thanksgiving dinner come together, but we have a few ideas and fun activities that can help you slow down, have fun and savor this whole month!

A “thankful” jar: Throughout the month of November, each member of the family can write down one thing they are thankful for every day. Then, the family member puts it in a “thankful jar” (bonus points if it’s decorated!) and reads each entry before the feast on Thanksgiving. It’s a great way to look back on all the moments of gratitude that month!

Be present for big and small moments: Since it’s easy to fall into a routine and forget the details of everyday life, this little change can make a huge impact. If the kids bring home Thanksgiving crafts, ask if they can teach you how to do it and recreate the craft at home! If they can’t remember, we have a great craft in our newsletter that is fun for both adults and kids. Also, asking about the little details of their day is fun for them to recall and great for adults to know what their little ones are doing! To sign up for our newsletter please click here and go to the bottom right of the page.

Include the kids: Tackle a creative project with the kids! They will love feeling included, and it’s one less thing you have to do alone! Some of our fondest memories involve helping in the kitchen on Thanksgiving. Standing on a step-stool rolling out dough for the dinner rolls, and helping pour pie mix were some of my favorites that I still do every year (without the step-stool now, ha! ). If your little helpers aren’t ready for the kitchen yet, you can venture to a farmers’ market or pumpkin patch with them to find something that gives their personal touch to the tablescape.  

Thank those around you: Take this time of year to let those around you know how important they are! Tell your partner, your kids and even your favorite Starbucks barista how grateful you are that they are in your life. Most importantly, let your nanny know how important she is to your family. The relationship we have with our nannies is so incredibly special, and a simple thank you will go a long away this holiday season.

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Educated Nannies