Back to school? Typically when writing about this topic, we get excited and end our sentence with an exclamation point! Today, we have chosen to end it with a question mark. With the uncertainties of traditional schooling during Covid-19, complicated social distancing school rules put into place, as well as the confusion many parents are feeling as no school plans have been officially announced, parents are being forced to make tough decisions. While the American Academy of Pediatrics is urging schools to open in the fall with in-person learning, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is advising remote learning as the safest option. Schools are creating hybrid schedules of days in school and days distance learning and parents are scrambling to figure out childcare and educational support.

Below are some of the phone calls we received from parents:

How on earth is this schedule going to work with two parents who work?  

I am a single mom who has to work to support my family. How am I supposed to work and help my child learn?

I am a teacher. I don’t want to go back to school because I am afraid of getting Coronavirus, but I have to so I need someone to teach my daughter.

I am NOT a teacher. I cannot do this. Are you kidding? My child doesn’t listen to me. He won’t even sit still for me for two seconds! 

My child refuses to Zoom. She only connects with people in-person. I need a teacher to come to our home. 

We saw a problem and created a solution. Hire a private educator! Since 2015, Educated Nannies has been placing private educators in households, but we typically only receive a handful of requests each year. Hiring a private educator was a popular choice for parents of actors or musicians on tour, or families who like to travel and have bi-coastal homes. This option has now become a common request amongst parents who are searching for personalized education, safety, continuity, and flexibility. Here are the top five benefits of hiring a private educator during Covid-19.


By hiring a private educator, the family is able to limit the amount of germ exposure a child comes into contact with. The home becomes a controlled environment minimizing the risk of coming into contact with Covid-19. Children are able to be free and not have to wear masks in their own homes. They are not exposed to poor air circulation and parents will not have to worry about daily potential exposure to this virus. They will be able to play with any toys of their choosing and read any books that transform their imagination into a world of wonder. Children can even wear pajamas or costumes while learning! Let’s be honest. Raise your hand if you are currently in pajamas or athleisure reading this?


When hiring a private educator to homeschool children, parents will be able to create a flexible educational plan. They get to choose a personalized curriculum as well as devote time to individual learning styles. While one child may be a kinesthetic learner another child might be an auditory processor. A private educator can create stimulating activities for both children to thrive. Parents can collaborate with private educators to have child-lead learning. For example, if a child is interested in coins, the private educators can teach about presidents, banking, The U.S. Mint, history, money, sorting, jewelry, metals, collecting, good luck pennies, create crafts and read books about coins. Children are more inclined to learn if a topic inspires them. Making up stories about the topic always sparks the imagination. There are also opportunities for children to learn about other topics in life such as racial diversity and inclusion, and financial literacy. Children get to learn at their own pace, and they are less inclined to be bored. A private educator can support children who are accelerated learners and those who need accommodations to excel. Plus you can take healthy snack breaks, go on scavenger hunts, tell Alexa, “Play Hamilton!” and have dance parties throughout the day! Oh, and the kids can too.


At some point, we may go on lockdown again. We may be asked to comply with the Safer at Home mandate. Parents may be asked to pay full tuition for schools and their children may not get the attention they deserve. The school may get shut down completely when someone tests positive for Covid-19. Emotional stability is the goal! Hiring a private educator means the children will understand their boundaries and expectations in the comfort of their own homes. Private Educators can also live in the home. This is a wonderful option for families who have a guest house or an extra bedroom and bathroom in the home, and the private educator is comfortable helping with nanny duties. Children will have continuity in their lives and be cared for by one person who gives them undivided attention. They will not have to deal with the uncertainty of their choices and live in fear or a constant reminder of the “yucky germy.” That’s what my kids call it anyways. Wash your hands do-do-do-do-do-do.


Some families are fortunate to have dual residences and it’s nice to know that a private educator is available to educate their children in different locations! For example, if COVID cases are on the rise in Los Angeles, a family may decide to relocate to their home in Wyoming. They may decide to go on a spontaneous family road trip for 3 weeks in a Subaru with two kids and a dog and visit all of the places on their United States bucket list. Oh, was that just me? Imagine the conversations that were sparked from visiting Mount Rushmore. There is so much to unpack there! The best news is families do not have to conform to one schedule. They can choose to educate their children for short days, longer days, weekdays, weekends, and in a variety of locations. They get to incorporate these incredible life experiences and languages into their child’s education. A private educator can help plan out day trips and create fun lesson plans to enhance the experience. The children can journal, and create a photo book filled with memories that will last a lifetime.


When children are homeschooled with a private educator they have the opportunity to create pods or micro-schools with peers who inspire them or treat them with kindness. Families are able to form mini-villages and children are seeing the benefits of quality time as well as being embraced with unconditional love. Private educators can also focus on character building and social skills. The children get the choice of who they would like to invite into their backyard and there is less pressure to fit in. It’s unfortunate, but many children will face bullying online and in public places throughout their life. Children who experience bullying typically struggle with depression later in life. When a child develops a healthy sense of worth and identity, they establish resiliency. Let’s create a generation of kids who are mindful, kind, self-sufficient, and problem solvers!! Alright… It’s midnight and this mama needs to get bed before one of my children climbs into my bed or wakes me up because they peed the bed. Ahhh night potty training…….

Are you ready to hire a private educator? We are happy to answer any of your questions and hold your hand through this process. We know it can be overwhelming, but we also know YOU CAN DO THIS! Please visit Hire a Private Educator or call 310-857-4985 to learn more.