With summer break upon us families may be planning and packing up for a week of relaxation and fun!  Many of you will be finding yourself on an airplane or in the car with your little ones which is no easy feat.  Whether you are preparing for an hour flight, a six-hour flight, or a long road trip in the car we are here to share some tips and information to help make your travels a little bit smoother.

Plan Travel Around Naps

Creating a sleep schedule for your infant or toddler has probably been something you have put time and research into to ensure optimal sleep for all.  When planning your flights or deciding when to leave for a long car ride, try to match the timing as best you can with your child’s typical nap time.  It is not always a guarantee they will sleep but trying to keep them on their typical routine can help.  Booking a direct flight can also be beneficial to their schedule with fewer interruptions involved.  Make sure to bring their favorite lovie, blanket, or pacifier that soothes them at nap time.


Make A Checklist

Executing a smart and practical plan is essential when traveling with little ones.  There are many items, toys, snacks, and gear to think of when packing for a trip away!  Some essentials to add to your list are easy on and off clothing, extra diapers/wipes, sanitizing wipes, plastic bags (for wet clothes or dirty diapers), soothing toys, and blankets.  Try categorizing the things on your list you know you will need such as meals, sleep, health, and safety items.


Car Seat for Plane Travel

If your child is under the age of two you have the option to still buy a plane seat for them where you can secure their car seat.  If they are over the age of two this can also still be recommended.  It is important to always check with the respected airline you will be flying to ensure they allow car seats in the cabin.  Safe In The Seat has a wonderful and informative course you can take to learn more about air travel with small children.


Arrive Early

Everyone always says to arrive at the airport two hours early and this is something that is especially important when flying with infants and toddlers!  Arriving 90 minutes to two hours early will allow enough time for possible long TSA lines and better yet time to regroup once at the respected terminal to feed the baby, have lunch or purchase any last-minute items at the airport.  A great time-saver is gate checking your stroller and car seat (if you’re not bringing the car seat on the plane).  You can conveniently use your stroller to get your children through the airport with ease and check it right before you enter the plane.  A great reminder is to purchase a travel bag to protect your travel system since it will be less likely to be damaged if covered!


Protect Their Ears

We have all experienced ear pain and pressure when taking off and landing by airplane and it is no different for our children.  You can offer your baby a feeding whether it is by bottle or breast as the sucking can often help ear pain with pressure changes.  According to the TSA formula, milk or juice quantities greater than 3.4 ounces are allowed in carry-on luggage.  A few other options to offer are a pacifier, sippy cup, or snack for older children.


We hope you find these tips helpful as you gear up for any upcoming travels.  Our team at Educated Nannies wishes you a safe and enjoyable summer this year no matter where you are headed!