Summer time is right around the corner and for many that means fun family trips! Before you spring for a new suit and prepare to hit the trail with the kids in tow, check out our need to know tips in preparing for summer travels with your family and nanny:

Think ahead! When you begin your professional nanny search:

  • Discuss the possibility of travel with your agency and prospective candidates from the beginning. If your family travels internationally you may want to include a valid passport as one of the position “must-have” requirements.
  • If your family is very active and frequents beach or pool vacation locals, be sure to discuss swimming strength and general physical activity level with candidates. You want to ensure that your nanny is comfortable diving in the water and playing with the kids!
  • Talk to prospective candidates about their past travel experiences, not just professionally, but also personally! Find out where they like to go, what activities they like to do and if they feel confident in communicating with others in a second language.
  • Discuss travel accommodations and activities with prospective candidates. If your family frequently flies, will the nanny be required to travel with young children on their lap? Ask the candidates to tell you about some fun kids’ travel games and activities that they have in their “bag of tricks” for long flights or road trips!

Travel Time! Before you depart for vacation with your family and nanny:

  • Create a vacation outline and contract with your nanny. Include everything from: room and board, daily stipend allowance, hours, overtime rates and acceptable attire.
  • Remember that your nanny is working, not on vacation and they will need some scheduled in down time to remain fresh and energized for the kids!
  • Make sure that you have the most up-to-date medical and emergency contact information on file for the nanny as well as all members of the family.
  • At last, but certainly not least, HAVE FUN!

 Wishing you, your family and nanny safe travels this summer!


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