Are you dreaming of working with a high-profile family and not sure what to do to stand out among the crowd? Here are a few of our top tips for working with high-profile families–how to stand out, what to expect, and how to show up as your best self each and every day! 

Be Open and Flexible for Schedule Changes

Make flexibility your middle name. Working for high-profile families may entail being flexible and willing to be the person your nanny family counts on when they have unexpected schedule changes. Being proactive and having a go-getter attitude will set you up for success in your career and your nanny family will appreciate your willingness to go above and beyond for them!

Be Discreet

Keep it in the vault! Privacy is essential when working for high-profile families. Many families will request their nannies, assistants, and other members of their team to sign NDAs. Keep this in mind before you share details about your day on social media when filling out paperwork about your employer, or adding your position to your resume.

Perfect Your Resume 

Before you are submitted to these highly sought after positions, make sure you have a detailed, polished resume that showcases your incredible experience. Include reference names and numbers of the families you’ve worked with who know you and your work ethic best–let your references speak on your behalf to give outstanding recommendations of you. Being communicative with your previous employers throughout your career and maintaining their approval to be used as a reference is extremely important in your search for a new position. Pro-tip! If you do work for a high-profile family and you have signed an NDA, we better see “Confidential Family” on that resume without any names listed 🙂

Respect Boundaries

Boundaries are of the utmost importance in high-profile homes. Knowing when to step in and when to give space is a gift only the highest rockstar nannies possess, and this is what high-profile families are looking for!

Be a Team Player 

Many high-profile households have a whole team to make their lives run smoother. Being a proactive, team player is at the top of the list of priorities! The ability to work well with others, stay organized, and plan together for the best interests of the children and household will not go unnoticed by your employer or your coworkers. Act as if everything you do and say will get back to your employers; do not join in gossip with other employees of the household or ask inappropriate questions about the principles.

We hope these tips help you book the job of your dreams!