Spring Break is approaching and so are plans for getting away with your family! Are you considering asking your nanny to join you on your family vacation? Bringing your nanny along on your family vacation can take some of the weight off when traveling with children and provide you with an extra set of hands when it’s needed the most! Here are some of our top tips for traveling with your nanny!

Have a Plan

Make a plan before you speak to your nanny so you can answer any questions that may come up.  Brainstorm what a travel schedule and activities will look like. If they will be needed every day, have off days or time to explore on their own, or if they will be on call during the entire trip. Consider if your nanny will have their own private accommodations during your vacation, or if you will need them to stay in the same room as your children. Does your nanny have any dietary restrictions and are you traveling to a place that may not have the best options? Does your nanny ever get altitude sickness? Can they drive in the snow? It’s best to talk things through and set everyone up for success.

Pay and Schedule

Vacations are often unpredictable, but having an idea of what your nanny’s schedule will be can help your nanny decide if they are open to traveling with your family. Remember that all travel expenses, including lodging, flights, time traveling in a car, all meals during the trip, and overnight fees are required! All of the activities you do with your family and nanny are also covered. If you know that you and your family will be traveling at some point and want your nanny to assist you, include traveling in your initial job offer and contract so there are never any surprises!


Consider the times you will need your nanny and the times you want to be with your family alone to give them time to explore, rest, and recharge during your vacation. If your nanny is in charge of overnights, keep in mind they will need to be paid for this and may need some time off at other times of the day to recharge. Even if it is a vacation for you, it is a lot of work for your nanny and they may need time to catch their breath just as much as you may need quality time with your family! If your nanny works 7 days in a row, give them a day or two off when they return home.

Ask Your Nanny!

Ask your nanny what their ideal trip looks like. Are they open to staying in a room with the children? Would they like time off to explore the area by themselves or would they prefer to tag along with your family? What are they most excited about? What fears do they have? What type of cell phone carrier do they have and will they be able to call loved ones if this trip is a long one so they don’t get homesick? Open communication between your family and your nanny will set you up for success in traveling!

Set Expectations

If you will need your nanny to help with travel plans, packing, planning activities, and preparing for the trip, let them know ahead of time. Make lists together of necessities so your nanny can plan to have everything your family could possibly need on hand, efficiently packed, and tucked on a plane (or in a car) with your family. Don’t forget the sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and PATIENCE!

We hope you use these tips to have the most incredibly organized vacation of your life with your nanny by your side!