Here are some tips for kicking “Holiday Break Boredom” to the curb, and making the most of your time off together as a family.

Make Holiday Decorations
Making ornaments can be a fun and simple way to build memories that last a lifetime. All you need is paint, popsicle sticks, a clear ornament (and Pinterest of course), and you’re all set!

Families celebrating Kwanzaa can practice Zawadi as a fun family activity. Pasta necklaces are a no-mess way to celebrate this African custom of gift giving for kids. Using a fishing line or string, add red, green, and black dry pasta noodles of different shapes, and give them to friends and family members.

Volunteer At A Local Food Pantry
This is a great introduction to having conversations with your kids about helping those in need in and around the holiday season. This can also be a way for your family to engage with others who may come from different backgrounds and home origins. It teaches your kids to value others, regardless of their background. You might end up making a new friend!

Christmas Caroling At A Local Nursing Home
What a better way to show appreciation and spread holiday cheer than singing loud for all to hear? Gather your family and some friends, and organize a day at a nursing home in your community. You can spend time with the residents while singing Christmas carols, playing games, and brightening the day of those who may not have a lot of people to celebrate with during this holiday season.

Build A Gingerbread House
Whether you build one together as a family or make it a contest, this is a timeless holiday activity. Stores like Michael’s, Whole Foods and Target have DIY gingerbread houses that come pre-assembled (or, if you’re feeling up for the challenge, you can build one yourself). Gingerbread house building allows your kids to express their creativity. You might even discover you have a future architect or designer on your hands!

Family Excursion Day
Perhaps you didn’t have time for everything you wanted to do this summer. Use your child’s holiday break as a way to fit in some quality family time. Go to the ballet. See a play for the first time. Check out the local zoo or aquarium. Take the opportunity to do that one last thing as a family before the year is over!