As parents we do our best each day to teach our growing children everything we can.  One of the most important and essential things we can help teach them is responsibility.  Responsibility can be implemented as early as preschool and will help them shape into responsible teens and adults who can do things on their own as they age.  It can also instill a sense of independence and belonging to a combined effort.  Have you ever wondered how you can teach your child to be more responsible?  We have put together several ways you can support your children in day-to-day responsibilities in and around the home.


Tasks At Home

Assigning tasks at home is a great start at teaching your children responsibilities.  Children can help with tasks such as setting the dinner table, folding laundry, taking out the garbage and keeping their own rooms tidy.  Make sure to let them know that these actions are a great contribution to the household.  An interactive chart that you hang somewhere in the home is a wonderful way to let children know what is expected of them.  Try including them on creating their chart to talk about which tasks they are responsible for and why.


Tend a Garden

Gardening offers many mood boosting benefits for people of all ages, so why not include our children in the fun?  Children can help dig up dirt, plant seeds, and pick the labors of their work once the garden starts growing.  Feel free to purchase your children their own gardening hand tools to support their responsibilities while gardening.


Caring For Pets

Pets are a wonderful way to let your children have something to love, play with and better yet help care for!  Showing children how to care for your beloved pets at home is a great way to teach them how to care for other living beings other than themselves.  Whether it is sprinkling fish food in the tank every morning before school or feeding their dog breakfast, caring for pets is a responsibility parents can assign to show trust.


Helping with Younger Siblings

Wondering how your older child can help and feel even more connected with their younger sibling?  There are many things your child can do to help such as helping with feedings, grabbing a burp cloth, wiping up a mess or pushing the stroller on a walk.  Children will often be more interested in doing certain tasks especially if their younger sibling cannot do them yet.  It will become a special responsibility that only “they” get to do.  You can reward them with a thoughtful personalized book about being an incredible older sibling.


Children’s responsibilities can be helpful no matter how big or small.  Whether they simply threw their wrapper in the trash or helped set the entire dinner table it is a great way to instill confidence and practice gratitude with one another.