Hello Nannies! We know that you are a professional and we believe you should be treated like one. You’ve worked hard taking those classes, building your resume and experiences, and staying up to date on your CPR and first aid certifications. Finding a trustworthy and reputable nanny agency can be overwhelming and tricky at times. Be sure to look for more than curated photos and false promises on websites and social media, and make sure to do your research. Here are our top tips for finding a reputable nanny agency!

Be Safe to Work in a Home!

Having a recent background check on file with an agency is important! All household employees placed in a home as a childcare provider in California must be TrustLine registered. This is California law and having it not only looks great on your resume, but it also verifies that you are safe to work in a home with children by the Department of Social Services.

Get Paid Legally!

Make sure all positions you apply for are paid legally. A nanny is a W-2 employee of the household who is paid on payroll. You are also entitled to overtime and paid sick days. These are requirements for all household employees in the state of California. Being paid with a W-2, having benefits, and setting guaranteed hours will set your employer and yourself up for success for the entirety of your working relationship! If an agency or family offers to pay you cash, direct them to HomePay. 

Get in Touch!

Are you able to get in touch and communicate with the agency you’re working with? Does someone who works at the agency answer when you call? Your emails and calls should be answered or returned within 24 hours during business hours Monday to Friday, if not sooner. A credible and reputable agency should always be willing to speak with the professional nannies they represent about a position and your experience, or answer any agency questions you may have!

Contract, Contract, Contract!

Does the agency you’re working with advise families to use a contract and get everything in writing to set you up for success? Many of our clients have business managers and attorneys who will create a contract for you to sign and present an NDA to you. While we are not able to give legal advice, as an agency we can assist you by communicating your needs to a family so that you are comfortable and confident to start a new job. A contract is the best way to set yourself up for success and safety in your next position.

Free To You!

A professional, rockstar nanny agency will take zero compensation from the nanny. Their clients should pay for their services, and their nannies’ compensation should never be cut. A great agency is in the business of nannies and will advocate for you, always!

Transparency with Your Profile!

You should know exactly what is sent to a family when you apply for a position. Do you know what your profile looks like? Do you know how the process works? Have you approved or created your own resume, bio, or any other additions? This is extremely important so that you can ensure your experience is accurate.

They Verify Your References!

A great agency will not only ask for all of your references in the last ten years, but they’ll also speak to them! Great agencies know that being able to speak with a reference about your experience gets their personal touch instead of an impersonal email survey. Cutting corners can create fake references. Be sure to contact your references and let them know your agency will be calling them. Having outstanding and verifiable references is a great step forward in your career.

We hope this list gives you a better idea of how to spot a reputable agency that supports you and your career goals!