Unplugged Holiday Fun!

Unplugged Holiday Fun!

Here are some tips for kicking “Holiday Break Boredom” to the curb, and making the most of your time off together as a family.

Make Holiday Decorations
Making ornaments can be a fun and simple way to build memories that last a lifetime. All you need is paint, popsicle sticks, a clear ornament (and Pinterest of course), and you’re all set!

Families celebrating Kwanzaa can practice Zawadi as a fun family activity. Pasta necklaces are a no-mess way to celebrate this African custom of gift giving for kids. Using a fishing line or string, add red, green, and black dry pasta noodles of different shapes, and give them to friends and family members.

Volunteer At A Local Food Pantry
This is a great introduction to having conversations with your kids about helping those in need in and around the holiday season. This can also be a way for your family to engage with others who may come from different backgrounds and home origins. It teaches your kids to value others, regardless of their background. You might end up making a new friend!

Christmas Caroling At A Local Nursing Home
What a better way to show appreciation and spread holiday cheer than singing loud for all to hear? Gather your family and some friends, and organize a day at a nursing home in your community. You can spend time with the residents while singing Christmas carols, playing games, and brightening the day of those who may not have a lot of people to celebrate with during this holiday season.

Build A Gingerbread House
Whether you build one together as a family or make it a contest, this is a timeless holiday activity. Stores like Michael’s, Whole Foods and Target have DIY gingerbread houses that come pre-assembled (or, if you’re feeling up for the challenge, you can build one yourself). Gingerbread house building allows your kids to express their creativity. You might even discover you have a future architect or designer on your hands!

Family Excursion Day
Perhaps you didn’t have time for everything you wanted to do this summer. Use your child’s holiday break as a way to fit in some quality family time. Go to the ballet. See a play for the first time. Check out the local zoo or aquarium. Take the opportunity to do that one last thing as a family before the year is over!

The perfect holiday gift for your nanny!

The perfect holiday gift for your nanny!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Hanukkah and the Christmas holiday season is quickly approaching, and many parents are still searching for that perfect holiday gift for their nanny, housekeeper, teachers, and tutors. Educated Nannies has some great holiday gift ideas to share with you! 

Year End Bonus (most popular): A bonus for a nanny is an extra special “Thank you!” for dedicating time all year long to your most precious littles. A typical bonus is either one or two weeks pay depending on how long the nanny has been working with your family. If you aren’t able to afford the same bonus as you gave last year, have an open conversation with your nanny. Any monetary gift is much appreciated! 

Gift Cards:  Is there a special restaurant, retail or online store your nanny likes to shop at?  Would she enjoy an afternoon at the spa or getting a mani or pedi, but would never splurge on herself?  Gift cards make the perfect gift for a nanny who is always putting the needs of others first!  

Lessons or Memberships:  Does your nanny enjoy dancing, drawing, or learning a second language?  Does she/he workout, enjoy cooking, or taking photographs?  Gym memberships, enrichment classes or lessons are another way of treating your nanny. You may even want to gift your nanny a membership to the International Nanny Association or pay for the conference in New Orleans in 2019! 

Unique or Homemade Gifts:   Etsy offers a variety of unique gifts for everyone.  Perhaps a homemade scarf and matching hat?  Maybe a special pair of earrings or a necklace that will remind her of your family.   Framed photos of the kids, or a Shutterfly photo book filled with memories shared with your family.

Fun Holiday Options: If your budget permits, fun holiday options include: frequent flier miles so she/he can go home for the holidays, a week vacation at your time-share, a gas card or help to buy a new iPad or computer. If your budget is limited, consider a gift of time and pop home a few hours early to take over for your nanny so she/he can get a jump start to their weekend.

Last but not least, remember the taxes: While this can sometimes be overlooked, please keep in mind that all bonuses (cash or gift), are taxable income to the employee and must be reported on all employment tax documents.

If you have any questions regarding holiday, year-end gifts or bonuses for your nanny, please feel free to reach out to us at We are always happy to help and be of service!

Professional Career Nanny Social Media Expert for the Nanny Doctor!

Professional Career Nanny Social Media Expert for the Nanny Doctor!




Are you extremely knowledgeable about what it means to be a professional career nanny? Are you a wiz at social media? Do you love writing about all things nanny? Would you like to supplement your income with an additional $1000/month?

We’re looking to keep our member online community engaged with the latest and greatest in parenting articles, kid gadgets and crafts, and pressing childcare related news.

Lindsay Heller, The Nanny Doctor, is searching for a brand new part-time Social Media Maven. You must have a great working knowledge and proficiency in Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Experience writing a blog is a definite plus and is required of the position. Check out some of our past blogs on our website:

Pay is $1000/month USD for outlined requirements.

Candidates outside of Los Angeles WILL be considered for this position.

TO APPLY   E-mail the following to

Your cover letter – Why are you the best person for the job? (with pertinent social media experience)

Childcare resume (professional nanny experience is a MUST)

10 Tweets you would expect to see on The Nanny Doctor Twitter feed

A 300 word sample blog you would expect to see on The Nanny Doctor Website

Due to the high volume of responses received, we will only be able to respond to those who fit the criteria. Thanks and looking forward to reading your entries!


National Nanny Recognition Week

National Nanny Recognition Week

It’s time to celebrate your nanny! National Nanny Recognition Week is September 23-29. This is a special week set aside every year to honor your nanny and show her how much you appreciate everything she does for your family. It’s a time for your children to show gratitude to their nanny for being such a positive role model. Remembering to say “Thank you” to your nanny throughout the year is so important, and here are some ways to make her feel extra special this week!


If your children are musical, have them sing a song (or write a poem) to thank your nanny. It will make her smile and it’s super creative for the kids to write their own lyrics. Video tape this so she may cherish their sweet voices for life.


Are your children great artists? Do they love to draw? Are they blossoming artists? Help them create a special thank you card for your nanny.


Is your nanny working long shift? Is she caring for many children? Gift your nanny a relaxing day at the spa or treat her to a massage.


Has your nanny always wanted to take a special class to add to her list of skills or learn another language? Sponsor her to attend the International Nanny Association conference, Save a Little Life CPR Class, take a cooking class, or attend a RIE class.


Tell your nanny how much you appreciate her, and then gift her a bonus or a health insurance stipend to contribute to her well-being.


Simply say thank you and tell your nanny how wonderful she is. It feels good to be loved and hear positive things!


Treat your nanny to a paid day off. Many nannies work long hours, so they will really appreciate finding the time to visit the dentist, get a haircut, or treat them to a mani/pedi. Feeling polished is a win/win for everyone :)


Decorate the house, make some cupcakes, put on your nanny’s favorite music, and celebrate her awesomeness!


Many times nannies spend hours preparing meal plans for the week, grocery shopping, and cooking delicious meals. Treat your nanny to a night off from cooking and send her out to her favorite restaurant.


Do you already spoil your nanny and treat her like part of the family? Maybe there is a cause that is near and dear to your nanny’s heart? You and the kids could donate your time or make a kind donation? Get creative and think outside of the box!


How to Unplug with the Kids This Summer

How to Unplug with the Kids This Summer

Summer break is here, the kids are home, the iPads are charging, but what if you decided to UNPLUG this summer? With Fortnite and YouTube taking over the home, it’s easy to let the kids sit for hours on end, but what if you had other activities in mind? Educated Nannies is here to help you get creative with the kids this summer with some tips on how to unplug.

Be a Role Model
First things first, this goes for parents (and nannies too). Set a time each day to check your phones, rather than constantly being glued to them. Be a good role model and set the example for your children. They are always listening and watching.

Create Device Free Spaces
Create device free spaces, like the dinner table or the family room and use these moments to have conversations with the kids. Ask open-ended questions and make it into a fun game to learn more about their day. For example you could ask, “What is one thing that made you smile today?”

Explore and find adventure
Kids were born unplugged, so let them return to that. Create a scavenger hunt in your backyard, at a local hiking trail or at a park. Make a list together of items to find, write out clues, and start exploring your neighborhood.

Game on
Sometimes there is nothing better than a family game night. Break out those board games that don’t require technology like Candy Land, Monopoly, Sorry or Scrabble, and get your competition on.

Back to books
Put down those Kindles and iPads and pick up a good ol’ paper book. Start reading a chapter book as a family and keep going each night. Try books like “Charlotte’s Web,” “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” “James and the Giant Peach,” or something on the summer reading list.

We understand that eliminating technology devices altogether is pretty much impossible. We suggest setting a daily limit or a certain time frame, so that your child’s screen time remains in check. This will give them a sense of independence and control, and will also give you peace of mind that your child isn’t glued to a screen.

We hope you have a wonderful summer and we can’t wait to hear about all your unplugged adventures!


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